Smartthings Home Security Monitor Stuck on Spinning Circle

Hello, all.

I just recently changed over to the newer app from the Classic app on my Pixel 2 XL Android 10 phone (stock) with a Hub v2 (2015) and a motion sensor.

I have an automation set up so when I leave the house the security state changes to away/armed, and when I return, changes to disarmed. When I leave, the state changes to away/armed, but on my home screen the Smartthings Home Monitor just shows a spinning circle instead of any security state. It functions properly, my motion sensor will send an alert, and I can access the state through other screens, but my home screen just shows the spinning circle when I am away and armed. Once I return home, the state will change to disarmed and the screen is as it should be.

The weird thing is that I can tap on armed while at home, whether on data or wifi, and it will change the state and I will not get the spinning circle.

Has anyone had a similar problem, and if so, is it just an Android 10 thing? Any idea how to fix the problem? I haven’t yet done a complete uninstall/reinstall and would prefer to avoid it.

Thanks in advance for all replies.

Similar issue on Android 9 ever since the last update to the new app. Almost every time I open the app the SHM shows the spinning circle sometimes it goes on to show SHM state but mostly I have to close then reopen the app which solves the problem for me.

I’ve tried forced stops and reboots, but that doesn’t solve it for me. Only thing to fix it is to get home and have it switch back to disarmed.

I’ve been in contact with Support. Here’s more or less a copy of what I just sent them:

I took a series of screenshots to show the problem.

Pic1 is a screenshot while still at home showing the app works just fine when at home.

Pic2 Is a screenshot while still at home showing that I can change the state to armed and the display still works fine. I changed it back to disarmed before driving away from the house. It works just fine at the house whether on wifi or LTE data.

Pic3 is after driving outside of the geofence and the state has changed to armed. The blue circle goes round and round and never stops or goes away.

Pic4 is the screen that comes up after touching the hamburger lines on the left of the screen. I then selected SmartApps.

Pic5 is the screen after selecting SmartApps. I clicked on the Smartthings Home Monitor bubble.

Pic6 is the screen after clicking on the Home Monitor Bubble (above). It correctly shows the state as armed.

Pic7 was after I went back to the Smartthings home screen from Pic6 still showing the unchanging spinning circle.

Pic8 was taken after I had returned home. The home screen correctly shows the state as disarmed and the screen is correct.

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