Android Dashboard showing wrong status/umable to change status

(Eric) #1

New to ST. First few days were great. Now, the dashboard on the Android app is always showing Disarm. The IDE site and the notifications feed shows mode changes (triggered by routines) and current proper active mode. Additionally, I can no longer change the mode from the app dashboard, tapping a new mode simply results in the mode button spinning until the screen on my phone times out. But I can still change with routines and all other sources (notifications, Android Widget, IDE) all confirm mode change.

Any fix?

(Brian Diehl) #2

Mode and SHM (Smart Home Monitor) Status are 2 different items.

The Dashboard shows the SHM Status - Disarm, Armed (Stay), or Armed (Away).

This doesn’t change by Mode unless you set it up to do so.

(turd ferguson) #3

I’ve been discussing this same issue here - Smart Home Monitor Down

I’ve sent up a ticket to support. It doesn’t work on iPhone (ie iOS) either. I’ve got Android and wife has iOS and trying to change from disarm to arm results in continuous spinning and it times out without changing. You can my original post in the link for more specifics.


Unfortunately some of the SmartThings official SHM docs use the word “mode” for the SHM armed status (disarmed, armed home, armed away). Which can make things very confusing since “mode” is usually used instead for the global hello home state which is independent of SHM. (Night, Home, etc.)

Automatically perform “Set To Armed/Away Mode”


It appears this may be a bug. Several other community members who have had things working for months reported that this problem started happening just in the last few days.

Report it to so they can let you know if there’s some kind of workaround.

(Nate) #6

After the android app update, I’ve started to have the same issues. Within the past few days I’ve had my ST Door Monitors show open at random times. I’ve run the zwave repair a few times with no luck. I removed the batteries from the monitors and that seemed to help for a day. I will next try to power down my hub as another possible solution. Funny that it’s only affecting the Samsung monitors as it is not affecting the Iris sensors I have. Starting today, my SHM is showing Disarmed or Armed when opening the app. I’ve done a force stop on it, with no luck. Guess from reading this thread that support is all over it and will fix it within the next century?

(Ed ) #7

I started having this issue about a week ago. It started with showing dual Smart home monitors in my dashboad, I updated the android APP since there was an update and that didn’t seem to help remove the dual monitors. Using the online log in I deleted an API for one of the Smart Home Monitors (that took care of having two) but was not working right. So I deleted the last Smart Home Monitor and it rebuild a new one. Since I still have the same issue, cant disable Arm Stay mode on the mornings. Even when you get it to say its disarmed its really not.

Note: Toggling between the modes like arm home or disarm seems to help

(David Sanford) #8

My Android says it is loading Dashboard and never does. Is there a update that is needed?

(John Mielko) #9

No ,yet another case of “smartthings” having problems

(Dave Strauss) #10

Also having the problem - the Dashboard reports my door as open even though it’s closed (confirmed via another system) and even though the status from the ST app for the individual sensor shows it as closed.


This has been one of the most annoying thing (feature?) about the ST app. If you want to know the real status of things, you have to go to the Things page or use SmartTiles.