SmartThings, Globe Lights, and Harmony Hub Help

Hello everyone,

So I’m new to SmartThings and was hoping for some help. I have paired my SmartThings with my harmony hub but my Smart bulbs (Globe Suite) and Smart switch (TP Link) do not work in the Harmony app. It just says "ensure your bridge is properly connected, it’s powered on, and try again. They both work perfectly fine in the ST app and my Philips Hue bulbs work fine in the Harmony app which are brought through the ST hub. Has anybody had this issue or maybe help me out?
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Have you tried to “refresh” or “re-login” into SmartThings in the Harmony app?

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Yeah a few times, I restarted my modem, deleted all the lights and plug from ST, and rebooted my modem.

Tagging @Globe in case they have any ideas.

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