Can't connect ST Hub to Hue Bridge


I bought a ST hub and a philips hue kit with controller+bridge+3 bulbs.
I connected hue bulbs to my hue bridge and i connected ST hub to my app. But i can’t connect the ST hub to my bulbs. Another thing is when i go to “Add Device Manually” i can only see a portion of the things that i should see. I saw a youtube video(“”) and under 1:14 minutes i noticed that his aplication is way more complete than mine.
What can be the problem?


Edit: Here’s a screenshot of the app in my phone:
As you can see is very incomplete.

Try installing the SmartThings Classic app, login as a new user and use your Samsung account. Then go to Add a Device under Things and see if you are able to add your Hue bridge. Question, both the ST hub and Hue bridge are on the same network?

They are on the same network, i managed to get the system working going into the classical smartthings app and now in the normal smartthings app its working, tanks for the help.