SmartThings + GitHub Integration

(April Wong) #1

At SmartThings, we understand that not one single person or company can possibly create every solution or scenario. Therefore, since the beginning, we knew we wanted to make our platform open; open for anyone to create solutions and integrate with SmartThings.

As an open platform, we recognize that giving our community developers access to the repository housing our SmartApps and Device Handlers is extremely important. We are pleased to announce that the SmartThings GitHub repository is now public, allowing you to browse the source code in a more familiar environment for developers to build in. Now, with the power of GitHub and SmartThings developers, features like pull requests and version control will enable you to collaborate and build robust and elegant solutions to tailor how our homes react exactly the way we want it to.

We have also provided an integration with the GitHub repository into the SmartThings IDE. The GitHub IDE integration allows you to integrate your forked SmartThings repository with the IDE. This allows you to easily view and work with SmartApps or Device Types already in the repository, as well as update the versions in your IDE with upstream repository changes, and make commits to your forked repository right from the IDE.

To learn how to fork the repo and get started, continue here onto our documentation. ( If you currently have a repo with us, please re-fork us, as we’ve changed our whole directory and filing systems.

Happy Coding!

SmartThings + GitHub Integration Issues
SmartThings GitHub Public Repository (includes The Big Switch and other deprecated smartapps)
Release announcement on Facebook!
(Brian) #2

Just linked all my smartapps and committed the custom ones. This is amazing! How incredible to be able to just push and pull across repos seamlessly. Great work, guys!!

(April Wong) #3

Just an FYI guys, I was vetoed to say,
"Let’s Fork. Together. Right now."


(Andrew Mager) #4

You’re the forking best @april

(Brian) #5

So we can add links to repos of other users…meaning we can link custom Smartapps to the repo of the original author to keep things updated with a couple clicks, even for apps that aren’t in the official ST-approved list. Man, that is awesome. What’s the over/under on how many forks we’re gonna have by the end of the week?

(Kevin Tierney) #6

This is forking awesome. Y’all are a bunch of forking geniuses.

(Micheal ) #7

I am forking stoked about this. You forkers are the best…

Wow…that was weird typing that…


Great stuff… love to see the progress…

so, how does the “average” consumer of many of these custom SmartApps leverage this kind of integration?

If one of my favorite community developers updates their code, is there an easier way to apply that update/publish to my SmartApp or Device Type? The docs are oriented toward the developers (rightfully so), but I could use a guide on how to leverage this integration as a consumer…

ideally, we’ll get to an appstore where this stuff gets real easy, but I’m glad to see steps along that path.

Thanks for the hard work all!

(Brian) #9

Yeah, this iteration is definitely geared toward developers allowing them to work together more easily. It would be cool if eventually there was a way to either go to some kind of appstore or else be able to generate a link and hand it to a non-developer user who has no github account and have that automatically create a link between their IDE and that developer’s repository to handle the automatic updating. My guess is the team at Smartthings has already started thinking about that. It’s too obvious an enhancement not to! :smile:

(Ben Edwards) #11

This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.

(Geko) #12

Forking awesome! Bravo SmartThings and thank you all for this great feature! :cake:

(Ben Edwards) #13

One of the best things is that this integration streamlines the update process for submitted and published SmartApps so that new updates are much easier to make and approve.

(Geko) #14

So, if I have an update for a published app, can I submit a pull request or do I still have to submit a new publication request in the IDE? Thanks.

(Jody) #15

Where do we discuss issues related to the github integration @Ben

(Scott Windmiller) #16

Pretty cool stuff! I am not a developer (more of a hacker of someone else’s code) and am very new to GitHub, still trying to understand it. This gives more more of an incentive to learn the in’s and out’s :smile: Looks like updating apps will be alot easier now.

(Patrick Stuart [@pstuart]) #17

Github integration is so forking awesome. You forkers are going to love forking your forked code in the forking ide.

Fork your forking code! (A T-shirt idea?) '#forkjokes

(John S) #18

@April FYI missing a word on the “Step 2” page when you are enabling Github which says

You be able to commit changes made in the IDE into this repository

I think you want “You will be able…”

(Ben Edwards) #19

Thanks! Another great thing is the SmartThings documentation is also in GitHub and can have comments and pull requests made on it :smile:

(Jim Anderson) #20

Hey @schettj, just to clarify - are you referring to the text within the the wizard itself, or in the documentation? I am thinking you mean within the wizard in the IDE?

(John S) #21

[quote=“Jim, post:20, topic:20104”]
text within the the wizard itself
[/quote]Yep - in the wizard, as you enable Github integration for the IDE, on the “step 2” page