SmartThings + GitHub Integration

Am I able to sync other repositories. For example a device type that an individual is managing on github but its not part of the Smartthings repo?

I am looking for a way that I don’t have to keep copying /pasting new updates from github into a device type.


Yes. you can add another person’s repo the same way you added your own. Click on the github settings in the IDE and you can click add another repository. It doesn’t have to be your own or ST’s you can add any one

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Note their repository has to be organized a particular way in Order for it to appear in the IDE. I’m on my phone or I’d link to it. But I inquired about it and ST replied explaining the organization.

@stevesell are you saying that the developer has to have his repository setup in a particular way so that the comparison screen works when you want to update the code?

@theredmoose - yes… Here’s the link to where it was discussed when I asked about this before:

I love the color coding on my devices/smartapps pages to indicate status. I kept going back to the docs until the big “Hint” box told me there were tool tips.

But, for the life of me, I can’t figure out why some apps and devices are in italics and some are not.

I can’t find an example in my apps or devices, but from the CSS it looks like it has something to do with imported?

tr.imported_true {font-style: italic; }

I dont know why but I cant seem to integrate git hub to smart things?

I have been to the IDE and gone to my smart apps and there is no button like this (per instructions)

Mine is just blank in that area:

Any ideas please?


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When I click
it takes me to I have tried Chrome and IE11

I opened a ticket. they provided no solution or information. I responded and have not been emailed back yet.
Auston (SmartThings)
Feb 11, 3:01 PM

Hello Matt,

Thanks for writing in. Have you previously had GitHub set up, or is this a new setup?

Thanks for also letting me know that you tried Chrome and IE11.

Looking forward to working with you!

SmartThings Support

Mine has been broken for weeks. The answer I was given was to update apps manually.

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They fixed my integration yesterday :slight_smile: happy camper

We’re still waiting for the integration to be offered on the UK servers - I’ve got my fingers crossed.

They fixed mine too woot

I have the same issue as was told it’s a known bug… and that ST developers were working the issue. Mine still hasn’t been resolved…

I have just upgraded from a US V1 hub to a V2 UK hub.
I also have the problem of not seeing the link ‘Enable GitHub Integration’.
So is this an issue where this is not allowed on the UK hubs as someone mentioned earlier?

It’s not the hub but the uk servers, if I understand it properly.

When will github integratioin be enabled for UK users ?


Does anybody from Samsung SmartThings read these posts. If so could you please respond about the lack of Github integration for UK users and what is the current stance.
I appreciate you have other thing to do without reading all the posts in this community but in another post that I did a few days ago a response to my comments appeared in under 5 minutes.
So …

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Anyone else having an issue with the SmartThings/GitHub intergration? Specifically, the colors not changing when there is a code change? The upload and download of code works, and the title of the code DOES change when viewing the code, just the main menu shows all code with the same light blue color? I was going to disable and re-enable the integration to see if that helps, but wanted to check with everyone else to see if it is more of a problem than just me. Already alerted @slagle about this.