Release announcement on Facebook!

Wait… Let me guess… Does it start with ‘git’ and ends with ‘hub’? :smile:

It’s about forking time! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m new to programming and learning about the IoT, but slowly learning and hope with these upcoming announcements, that I can use my SmartThings to test some of my basic skills. From what I’ve read about forking with GitHub, that sounds like it will make learning to program my ST and hopefully create useful apps others can use super easy to pick up and run with. I can’t wait! :slight_smile:


As someone who has used this platform for about a year now, I still learn something new every day from browsing the Github repositories of all the published SmartApps.


Any update posted yet?

Countdown fail? Maybe tomorrow? :smile:

Delayed, will be released with HUB V 2.0 Q3 of some year…

Well the documentation is updated already.


The announcement is up. GitHub/IDE integration. The 7 day countdown marketing hype was way too fizzy and actually makes the announcement look less valuable than it is.

It’s a very cool step, and they should have kept the marketing mindsets away from it and just announced it once it was released so people could focus on the features.

At SmartThings, we understand that not one single person or company can possibly create every solution or scenario. Therefore, since the beginning, we knew we wanted to make our platform open; open for anyone to create solutions and integrate with SmartThings.

As an open platform, we recognize that giving our community developers access to the repository housing our SmartApps and Device Handlers is extremely important. We are pleased to announce that the SmartThings GitHub repository is now public, allowing you to browse the source code in a more familiar environment for developers to build in. Now, with the power of GitHub and SmartThings developers, features like pull requests and version control will enable you to collaborate and build robust and elegant solutions to tailor how our homes react exactly the way we want it to.

We have also provided an integration with the GitHub repository into the SmartThings IDE. The GitHub IDE integration allows you to integrate your forked SmartThings repository with the IDE. This allows you to easily view and work with SmartApps or Device Types already in the repository, as well as update the versions in your IDE with upstream repository changes, and make commits to your forked repository right from the IDE.

To learn how to fork the repo and get started, continue here onto our documentation. (…/tools…/github-integration.html ). If you currently have a repo with us, please re-fork us, as we’ve changed our whole directory and filing systems.

Happy Coding!


What an exciting release, very well done.

I heartily agree.

The intentions were good, but this is really poor precedent. Perhaps it’s an engineer focus instead of marketing focus (though a lot of the people here and on Facebook Developers Page are engineering inclined), I much prefer to just see the Announcement, not be “teased”. Let the Announcement stand on its own merit.

Perhaps, but considering that this is by far the most valuable IDE feature released in more than a year, I’d say the hype is justified. :smile:


It’s definitely valuable, but it’s not time-sensitive other than calling attention to the fact that it didn’t exist previously. It’s not like GitHub itself is anything new or unusual.

Calling attention to it once it was available makes perfect sense, it’s an excellent feature.

The 7 day countdown, on the other hand, was silly, IMO.

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I’m willing to tolerate marketing gimmicks as long as new features keep coming. :wink:

Speaking of which, what’s the next milestone? How about a decent simulator with built in debugger? :smile:


How about just fixing the current bugs as the next milestone? Let us at least turn on our lights and get the schedulers fixed. Give us a decent reliable mobile app. Do I personally care about GitHub integration with a freaking rocket launch type countdown? I would care less. This GitHub integration certainly doesn’t require a countdown… 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1… Who cares… Silliest countdown ever… sorry to say…This was a joke and not sure at whose expense… ours or theirs…

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The link at the top of this Topic received over 400 clicks, and the Facebook page jumped up to over 400 Likes (from… 200, I think?). But plenty of studies show that those statistics do not translate into actual customer engagement. Social Media Marketing is a complex game… And I’m glad to see a few of us are on the same page that “marketing games” really don’t fit well with the spirit of the Forum, in my humble opinion.

No disrespect intended. I’m grateful we can share our opinions on this type of approach, though, frankly, it’s the least of our concerns, darnit.

On a positive note, of course, congratulations and thanks for the GitHub integration!!!

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Pretty much agree that it is great for the development community… Definitely congrats and thanks to ST.

But for everybody else…I hope as much attention goes towards the integration that each and every one in the community cares about and “that” device we are all waiting for.

I would prefer a new hub with Nest and Arlo support, offline capabilities and if not too much to ask, a decent Android app.

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