SmartThings Freaking out

This is the second night that my 1.0 SmartThings starter kit has freaked out at 3AM / 4AM in the morning. Siren going off, every sensor (door and motion) is triggering over and over and over. I silence the alarm (which is a feat because when the sensors are firing the notifications in the app block the navigation pane - design flaw) and I send a reboot command to the hub.

My wife and kids don’t want me to rearm this thing anymore until I figure out what is going on.

Has this happened to you? What is going on??

I have a 1.0 hub, 3 SmartThings door sensors, 1 after market door sensor, 1 SmartThings motion sensor, 1 siren and 1 SmartThings presence sensor. I have a Hue system and Blink.

You should definitely open a ticket with support if you haven’t already.


You called also create a virtual switch and webcore to be used as a bypass for the siren activation. Meaning when this problem happens over and over just hit the bypass switch… Things will get logged but you dont have to worry about the siren all night.

If you’re ever considering getting ST 2.0, maybe look at the new Ring or Nest Security Systems which are serious versus hobbled-together ST and unreliable.

The same thing happened to my system last night. I have the V2 hub and several motion and door sensors.

The motion sensors kept triggering every few seconds and my presence sensors just went ‘away’, triggering done automations and seeing if the alarm.

I had to reset the state, unplug the hub and pull the batteries to stop it from going nuts. I have contacted support and am waiting to hear back.

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SmartThings support suggested to me upgrading to the V2 hub would solve the issue. Your post casts doubt on that.

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It’s still not right today. I’ve had to disable all the security stuff to prevent false alarms.

Now my system just armed itself at 7:00 PM central. It is set to arm at midnight. 3rd weird issue this week!

ST appears to have just resolved an issue where scheduled SmartApps/Routines executed early


I also have a v1 hub and haven’t been experiencing poltergeist events recently. I did run into the mis-timed smartapp execution issue yesterday but that seems to be a separate issue that ST has acknowledged.

I agree it’s very unlikely that upgrading to a v2 hub would resolve this.


I observed this yesterday around 7pm CST. My 1 am automation was activated early.