SmartThings Find issues

The SmartThings Find app can optionally show the position of one or more phones, or other devices, on a map on the dashboard of the mobile app, one at a time, using the Samsung Find My Mobile service.

  • Clicking on the phone icon on the map brings it up full screen (as does running it from SmartApps). This quite reasonably positions the arrow head at the bottom of the phone icon onto the phone location. However on the dashboard map the same icon is positioned so that the centre of the icon is on the phones and the arrow points to the wrong place.

  • The Find app is unable to locate phones that Find My Mobile accesses in Guardian mode, incorrectly suggesting Find My Mobile is not running and not clicking through. This makes it a bit pointless offering them as options, though they can be removed.

  • In full page mode the app offers ‘More options’ for the currently selected phone, but only for a phone in Guardian mode that it can’t locate. This is a link to Find My Mobile but it opens up on the wrong phone. The ‘More Options’ link is not available for the phone that does work.

I’m using Find on Android in the UK.

My wife’s phone should be able to use Find since she’s got an S20 running Android 10. Where and how is Find?

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It just appeared in my installed SmartApps with the last mobile app update, and also on the home screen (that is the default but is optional). I don’t remember having the choice of whether to install it. If I did and had declined instead I presume it would be still be offered for installation. Same mechanism as STHM really.

I did already have Find My Mobile configured on my phone.

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On my Samsung S8 running Android 9 it shows as “This SmartApp isn’t supported” under SmartApps
but on my Samsung TabA tablet running Android 10, it works and shows up in the new SmartThings app.
I have Find My Mobile on both devices.

Very belated update to this thread, largely because I don’t think it justifies a new one but there is something of interest to say.

The first issue with the map arrow was fixed a while back.

Recently (writing April 21) the guardian mode devices were removed from the display and also the map provider was changed to Google Maps.