Smartthings, Europe and Brexit

Happy 4th to all USA folks here!

I just thought of one thing…

Now that Britain has voted for the Brexit… what will happen to the sales of ST in Europe?

Any ideas?

@April ?

Hopefully not what happened to April


Huh? Did I miss something? What happened to her?
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Don’t have access to that topic it (the system) says but I guess my reaction will be:


Let me help you

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There were hires in engineering and layoffs in marketing a month or two ago. (Nothing to do with Brexit.)

Just guessing here, but my own guess would be that marketing is going to move away from the “maker faire” type events and more into things that tie in with existing marketing operations for Samsung appliances and televisions. But that’s just a guess.

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Darn, oh well…

Anyways! Back to the topic… Any ideas anyone on where I’ll be able to purchase ST related stuff in Europe after the Brexit?

Why would the current outlets stop selling smartthings stuff just because the UK leaves the EU?


Brexit won’t be complete for at least a year, probably a little longer.

By that time, I would’ve expected Samsung to have decided what they’re going to do with the SmartThings hub vis a vis other European countries anyway.

Samsung products like televisions are already available in all the European countries, I believe. They have the distribution channels if they choose to use them.

I don’t expect Brexit to have any impact on Samsung television sales in Europe, and my guess (purely a guess) is that by the time Brexit is complete, the SmartThings hub will either be available through Samsung’s regular European channels or it won’t be available in the UK, either.

No way to tell what SmartThings will be doing in Europe in two years, but I don’t see Brexit as having any impact one way or the other.


What is brexit? What is EU?

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Now this has my attention, I can’t access either :frowning:

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To the best of my knowledge, this will not affect any of our plans. The biggest change (hopefully) is that it will be cheaper for annoying Americans like me to come over and wear my SmartThings Ts to the pub.


I am curious when SmartThings will become available in Netherlands. There was an announcement last year that it would become available in Europe in 2016, but since then it remains very quiet. Is it still the plan to release SmartThings this year in Europe? Do you have more information about this @Aaron?


There must be somekind of roadmap for introducing ST to the other EU countries?

Buying from UK isn’t an option right now because almost everything seems to be out of stock.

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Not sure if it helps but Currys/PC World seem to be back to normal stock levels.

@KelvinNL would you buy it from UK if it was in stock? For me there are some open questions and risks.

  • The hardware and software will not be supported by Samsung in Netherlands (I checked this with Samsung customer service)
  • Will the Smartthings app be able to connect to the servers from Netherlands?
  • The Smartthing power plug is useless?
  • I believe the frequencies are the same as in UK as Netherlands so that should work?

The customer service of Samsung strongly recommended to wait until it is released in Netherlands, but they had no clue when (and if) this will happen…