Smartthings, Europe and Brexit

This reminds me of a conversation I had with Samsung years ago with a robot vac I bought on the continent. The statement came back initially the same until I escalated because EU rules dictate otherwise. I then had my robot collected, serviced and repaired no issues. (brexit hasn’t happened just yet!)

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Ok so it doesn’t mean that they would not provide any support.

Still I would be interested to know if Smartthings will be released this year in Benelux. Also I am interested to know if there are any Dutch or other European users (outside UK) using Smartthings and if they encountered any issues with it.

If you buy a UK Hub, no matter where in the world you install it, you will connect to the UK servers. We do not block out of region Hubs, but cannot guarantee operations. The support team can provide limited assistance, but are not able to handle out of country warranties, etc.

Hey Nico!

I’m from Spain, I have one of the original Kickstarter kits…

I have no problems at all physically… the only problems I have are in my head! lol! Trying to figure how to do different things (like turn lights on or off when x things occur but not when y things occur) that by the looks of it are totally opposite to what people do!

The other problem is finding the devices… but that’s more due to me no living in a capital…

Apart from that, ST support is excellent, and the community help a lot!

I have been using the v2 UK Hub in The Netherlands since summer last year (bought it when on holiday in the UK), and apart from the ‘normal’ issues all other ST users are having, the setup works fine. I have it hooked up to my Domoticz Raspberry Pi (with the RFXtrx433E transmitter) and Hue hub.

And yes, you always use the UK servers.

@Aaron Is it possible to add more European timezones to the list of possible ones? I now have to use the UK timezone, which ofcouse offsets my time by one hour…

You should be able to set up new automations in what ever time zone your phone is set up in. It will normalize the phone to the geofence (but should have no relation to which server you are connected to). Shoot a note over to support@ for investigation if this is an ongoing issue.

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Good to see that there are more users outside of UK using ST and that it is working fine. :slight_smile:.
@a4refillpad you are right, I checked it online and the warranty is indeed within Europe everywhere the same and it does not matter where within Europe you bought it.

@Arnoud I also have a Rasberry Pi, what is the benefits of having it connected to ST?

Does anyone know where I could buy ST online in UK and can have it shipped to Netherlands?

Hi Nico!

I use the Raspberry as a man-in-the-middle to control my somfy motors…

Same here @Nico, I use my RPi 2 to control my Somfy powered shutters and sunscreen.

Some things are easier with Domoticz than with Smartthings to automate. For example, I created groups of lights (combination of Hue/LivingWhites bulbs) that turn on 20 minutes before sundown. And I automatically lower two shutters 15 minutes after sunset, but I don’t lower them all the way down, but I stop them after 15 seconds so that they are not fully closed. These kind of actions are probably doable with Smartthings somehow, but I found it easier just to do them in Domoticz.

And for people buying the UK set: please take into account that you of course will need UK->EU coverter plugs to use the set. One for the power supply of the hub and another two (EU->UK and UK->EU) for the Smartthings power outlet.

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UK is leaving the EU not Europe. That is unless someone is going to drag our country to another part of the world.


@danielccm, can you share how you connect your Raspberry Pi --> ST --> Somfy?

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I am using Domoticz on the Pi with the RFXtrx433E transmitter and use the ST implementation by @dudz40 to control my blinds from ST.