Samsung Series 7 UN50NU710D absolutley will not connect to smartthings

My TV will not connect to smartthings. Will only connect direclty to phone which doesnt allow me to utilize Alexa. Error code 15-100. I am tech savvy and build computers so I know what Im doing. It will not work. Ive done everything I can think of other than throw the TV out the 10 story window. Resets, soft and hard, uninstalls, reinstall, router settings, ip addresses, phone resets. Nothing is working and I honestly may sell this TV. I have a 70in Samsung UN6900 that connects just fine. If anyone can help I would be very grateful. 3 straight days working on this problem.

What does the manual say ?? is it sold as a Smartthings compatible Tv ?
Not all Samsung Tvs are compatable
A search through the devices in the app using your Tv details returns 0 results so i guess it is not compatable although the search is not always correct