Simulated Alexa Switches Status after Dec 2022

I have been searching the forum for a definitive answer as to whether Simulated Alexa switches will still work after Dec 2022. There are lots of posts but I could not find a definitive answer…

Is there an edge driver version?

I switched the device type to “Simulated Virtual Switch”, but Alexa routines can’t be triggered by this device type.

I use many Simulated Alexa Switches and concerned about whether they are going away.

Thanks for any information.

We have not been told yet exactly what’s going to happen with the current groovy virtual devices and whether they are going to be automatically transitioned or not. :thinking: But there are alternatives for the new architecture.

Edge drivers are only available if you have a hub (the old virtual switches created through the IDE did not require a hub). But if you do have a hub, there are several options. You can find them on the virtual Devices list in the community-created wiki. Each has somewhat different features, so different people use them for different things, but many should work to trigger Alexa routines.

Ask in the author thread for any individual edge driver that you have questions about. :sunglasses:

“virtual things edge driver” is probably the easiest if you just need an individual switch.

“V edge creator” is very popular with a lot of different options, but has a little steeper learning curve.

Both are good, as are the other drivers as well, they just work a little differently in the creation step.

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Thanks! It is hard to wade thru all the posts -
I was just looking at vEdge Creator: a virtual device generator for end users
but haven’t gotten very far yet…

That’s what the quick browse lists are for: to make it faster to do research than just a keyword search. :sunglasses:

V Edge Creator is very popular, but also probably the most complex virtual device creator so far. It has a zillion different options.

“Virtual things edge driver” is a lot more straightforward if you just want to create an individual switch to trigger an Alexa routine, so that’s also popular.

I got it installed but the “vEdge Creator V2.7” and switch I created show up as “placeholder” in the Groovy IDE… Not sure what that implies going forward…

I’ll look into the “Virtual things edge driver”.

Thanks for your help!

It means it worked correctly. Edge drivers appear as placeholder in the IDE.

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All devices using edge drivers show as placeholder in the IDE. See the community FAQ:

My old virtual Alexa switch showed as a trigger for Alexa routine, but none of the Edge based ones I’ve created show up. Is this not possible anymore?

@JDRoberts - The “Virtual things edge driver” is easier and meets my needs. Thanks again for all of the info!!

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How exactly did you create them? It’s definitely possible with some of the edge drivers, that’s a very popular use case.

It’s probably best to ask in the author thread for the specific edge driver you are using, but in most cases, if it is one of the community-created options, the device will have both sensor and switch capability. You can turn the switch on and off with an automation. And you can use the sensor as the trigger in an Alexa routine.

BTW, this is exactly the same way it worked with the old groovy devices. An “Alexa switch“ was typically a virtual switch that also had the sensor capability. Turning on the switch made the sensor look like it was open.

Virtual switches (both the built in one under Labs and the popular community drivers) do not appear under the trigger list for Alexa routines anymore. They used to appear if they had a contact sensor component that mirrored the switch, but it looks like that’s been filtered now.

Ouch! Really?

What if it’s a virtual sensor with switch capability?

@TAustin @ygerlovin

I have the switch working now by labeling the virtual device a contact sensor. The Groovy based one would display as a swich in Alexa is the only difference. Thank you for your reply!

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If you create a virtual Contact Sensor or Door using @TAustin’s drivers, Alexa can use those as routine triggers.


I was curious as to what had changed. Thanks for the reply!

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In Alexa, a virtual switch (with a contact component) no longer appears as a trigger. But a Virtual Contact (with a mirrored switch component) appears as a switch. Go figure.

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Switches and monetary buttons created with @ygerlovin “vDev Controller” work as Alexa triggers.

And the really nice part is that the included contact sensors are hidden and using settings you have a lot of icon options.


I may not be understanding correctly, but virtual switches with built in contact sensors appear in Alexa as they always have for me. They are still able to be used as a trigger. No change for existing or creation of new.

Not for me in the US.

  • Create new virtual switch using vEdge creator.
  • in Alexa app, see new switch appear under devices.
  • Select Routines, add new, When this happens, Smart Home.
  • virtual switch does not appear.

It seems you are correct! I must have created these all as contact sensors initially.

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