SmartThings don't seem very smart so far

We purchased a washer and dryer and the needed dongles to connect to them through the SmartHome/SmartThings apps. The thinking was that we could stack the washer/dryer to save space, but my wife is 5’2" tall and can’t see any of the controls on the dryer. So hook up the app and use that right? NOT.

You don’t get access to the “advanced” features like choosing cycles and other settings unless you also purchase the SmartThings HUB. Fine, I bought one.

Now, hear is the “not so smart” part. Even when you turn on the washer or dryer, they don’t show up in the app until you start a cycle. WTH? This strikes me as a completely useless feature that wasn’t fully thought through, or tested, or used by a real person before release.

If there is a solution, like a firmware update for the dongles or something, please let me know.

I have these. They are a pain. Only solution is turn power on and hold the smart connect for three secs. Then it will stay connected but if power is off you can’t see them in either app. Stupid in my opinion.

I think it is a safety issue is the logic behind it all? The thought being so you can’t actually start and run the machine unless a person is present in the room. I think that was the thought behind the range as well where you can’t control that either until someone in the room presses the little WiFi Smart Connect icon?

So is that in the manual or did you figure out a work around? I will have to try that on the range

I’d say that SmartThings is smart (I have 270 device and many automations working great), but instead I’d say it’s the Samsung washer and dryer and the integration with SmartThings that’s not so smart.

That said, you’d think that Samsung would do a better job with integration, but your situation doesn’t surprise me. Could a firmware update for your appliances open up more functionality? Perhaps, but there’s no way to know.

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It’s in the manual I believe. You turn it on load it up and while still powered on you hold it till it beeps and the light will come on saying connected.

Then what’s the point? Add a few extra steps to everyday chores?

If you can’t make it convenient, don’t make it at all!

uuh I think I said it… safety? :wink:

I can see the safety point, kid climbs in dryer, it starts automatically, or remotely. Bad outcome. I’m sure they want someone to verify everything is right before you start anything.

I do agree it only makes sense you could change settings and such, then have to push start at the machine.

Oh I get it. It’s safe because no one would actually use it.


Yes, it is a safety “feature”.

I still like it even though not what I expected. But it tells me when the cycle is complete it tells me if someone opened the dryer before completed. I also been thinking when do I need to change or start it after I load it? Can’t think of a reason.

an 10-inch stepstool oughta fix that.

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