Smartthings does not indicate light is on

The Smartthings app is not show the status of a light when the switch is manual operated (Either on or off). Smartthings is linked with Lutron Caseta lights, some lights show the status others do not. The stand along Lutron app shows the status ok.

Somehow the link is broken between Lutron and Smartthings. Thus far, anything I have tried has been unsuccessful. Resetting the Lutron didn’t resolve anything. Rebooted Smartthings didn’t resolve anytime.

I have multiple Lutron switches and only noticed a few of them are showing as connected to the hub, but I’m not able to link more.

Hoping someone has run into this and could provide some direction?

Try powering off the Lurton hub for a couple of minutes and also reboot your router.

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A while back, I had some weird things like that happen. Corrected itself overnight.