SmartThings Dimming Outlet Always on

I was fortunate to receive a SmnartThings dimming outlet for Christmas:

I had a bit of trouble pairing it, but was able to get it all worked out in the end, and now have my Christmas Tree lights set up with it (not really for the dimming function, more as just a timed switch). However, there’s a strange issue - even when the switch is “off”, the lights appear to be slightly on.

The app says the switch is off, and that zero power is being drawn. Regardless, the lights are most definitely still on, as there’s a noticeable change in the lighting when vs. when they’re completely unplugged.

With the switch on, if I dim the lights to zero, they still appear to be on slightly, to the same level as when the outlet is “off”

Just wondering if anyone has any idea what to do about this or has had a similar experience. I was hoping that the SmartThings products would work seamlessly with the hub, but between this issue and my original issues pairing the device, I’m starting to wonder…

Any feedback appreciated!


I have several dimmers and have noticed that they are not a true on/off. They tend to allow enough power through to cause some devices (like LED tree lights) to stay on, but not enough to light a 60W LED equivalent house bulb.
I tried using one on my LED tree lights a couple weeks ago and they wouldn’t turn off. I think for tree lights, you need an appliance switch that is just on/off, not dimming; that’s what I ended up doing.

Yeah I had the same issue with my LED Christmas tree lights on a GE dimming plug.(12718)