Plug-In Dimmer Failed

Hi. I’ve got six Honeywell Z-Wave Plus Plug-in Smart Dimmers controlled by a SmartThings Hub. This dimmer is made by Jasco. Both of the outlets on the dimmer are “smart,” i.e., controlled by Z-Wave. Table lamps are plugged into each dimmer. Recently, a three-way bulb in one of the table lamps burned out, the first such bulb to burn out since I installed these about ten months ago. I replaced the bulb this evening. Uh oh, no joy!

Now, when I use My Home / Things to turn the device on and off, the blue light on the dimmer goes on and off, but the light bulb does not go off (stays on 100% brightness).

The dimmer function does not work from the ST App. The dim function opens up and the slider moves, but no dimming occurs. I’ve tried both outlets on the dimmer, but both are behaving the same - the blue light goes on an off, but the light stays on.

The behavior using the manual button on the dimmer is the same – the blue light toggles on and off, but the light stays on 100% (both outlets) and does not go off.

The “Recently” tab in the ST App shows all the on/off/dim commands from the app as well as the manual on/off commands using the switch button.

I unplugged the dimmer, left it unplugged ten minutes, and plugged it in again, but it is behaving the same way.

I haven’t tried removing it from the network yet because it is used in several Scenes and Routines.

Thoughts on how to get the dimmer working again? Is this going to be a chronic problem when light bulbs burn out?


What’s the brand and model of the bulbs that you are using?

This lamp has GE Incandescent 3-Way, 50-100-150. I had the switch set at 150 so both filaments are burning.

Another lamp in the living room as a decorative bulb - looks old-fashioned with a clear globe and a visible glowing filament. Not sure of the brand.

Another table lamp in the living room has the same GE 50-100-150 3-Way bulb.

Two other table lamps have a single brightness. They are GE bulbs, not LED. Can read the details on the bulb right now.

Still need the exact model numbers, GE makes a lot of different bulbs with different characteristics. They should be on the bulbs.

Also, did you have one switch controlling two lamps or just one? The load limitations are for the smart switch in total, not for each individual outlet.

I had a similar issue with an older GE Wall switch. After a quick (seconds not minutes) power outage the blue LED just blinked. It stayed connected to Wink (I was using before ST) but it never controlled the lights again. I eventually opened it up but there were no outward signs of component failure. My guess is that the dimmer is toast.