Dimming the dimming outlet

Is there a guide somewhere that tells you how to actually get the SmartThings dimming outlet to dim a lamp? I was able to get it setup in ST and it works to turn the lamp off and on with my routines but I would like it to turn on at like 50%.


You have this?

After closer investigation apparently I just have the regular outlet. I was sure it said dimming outlet on the box. I will double check when I get home but looks like I got the wrong one. Not a big deal I guess but it would have been nice to be able to dim the lamp a bit. So apparently if I had the dimming one a setting would show up in ST that would allow me to set the lighting level?

It certainly should. There should be s slider allowing you to adjust brightness.

Thanks. Maybe I’ll return the one I got and get the other one.

It might have also been added as the toggle switch and not the dimmer in the ide and might require you to change it. I noticed the toggle/dimmer devices sometimes do this.