Smartthings outlet lamp off and on

I bought a smartthings outlet and have it plugged into a lamp. When the lamp is on, every once in awhile it will turn off and then turn right back on. Has anybody else had this problem? If so, did you find out how to fix it? It’s creeping my wife out…

The Smartthings outlets have had issues and are well documented on the forum, they can suffer from poor internal contact perhaps creating your issue or at worst melting, not sure where in the world you are but i am pretty sure its mainly Uk Smartthings plugs with these issues

Of course it could also be interference from Wifi, Microwave, Telephone or it just needs removing from Smartthings and re adding or it could be just about out of range from the Hub

Apart from that not sure what it could be

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Thanks Mike. I’ll bet it’s from the UK. That’s what I get for trying to get a deal online.

What country are you in?

It should be pretty obvious whether you got a plug from the UK or the US.

The shape of the prongs is completely different, as is the voltage of home electrical wiring. They are not at all interchangeable.

Oh, then it’s definitely from the US. It’s a normal 3 prong outlet. Any ideas what the issue could be…or a solution? I’ve already disabled, unplugged, re-installed, etc…

Did you check any associated apps with the Outlet? Remove any and all apps and leave it be.
Than try to add a simple rule with Smart Lighting app.

Everyone is assuming the light is not the issue. How about removing the outlet and see if the light flickers. I’d give it a day or two because you are disturbing the circuit.

Are you seeing anything in the event logs in the IDE for this outlet? If it is turning on and off by command, there will be an entry in the log at the time the light flashed.


I can hear the switch turning on and off. The outlet makes a click plus I did try that to see if the light flickers and it stayed on for hours. It’s definitely something with the switch or outlet.

Try moving the outlet so it controls a different light.

Excuse my good intentions. I’m an automobile mechanic specializing in diagnosis. I rule out nothing until it has been tested.

Not an issue Tom. I appreciate the help.

I think I found the problem. I have an interference issue. My wireless modem is by a lot of electronics including 2 TV’s, a PlayStation, a wireless transmitter for AT&T wireless boxes, wireless speaker transmitter and a computer. As soon as I moved it, the problem stopped…at least for now. If it changes, I will update. Thanks for all the help Tom and Imosenko.

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Great news!