Dimmable slider for led light

I have a lamp attached to a SmartThings Outlet. In the app, the bulb was dimmable via a slider. I moved rage bulb elsewhere and replaced it with a Noma Led dimmable bulb BUT in the app, the dimmable slider no longer shops. I only can turn it off or on. How do you get the slider back?

Okay, I’m having a little trouble understanding your question…you moved “rage bulb”? What’s a rage bulb? Also, if the bulb you had in the lamp before was non-dimmable, then why were you using it in a dimming outlet? Also, if you are controlling an outlet, it has no idea what bulb you have attached to it…it wouldn’t make a bit of difference. Are you sure you’re talking about an outlet and not a smartbulb?

Clumsy typing. I changed LED dimmable bulbs in a lamp attached to a ST Outlet. In the app, I could adjust the dimming settings with a slider. After I changed the bulb, to a different brand dimmable LED bulb, the app no longer shows the slider to dim, just on/off. I wonder if there was something that had to be done to enable the slider?

The outlet has no idea what bulbs you have plugged into your lamp. You should call support. This sounds very fishy.

It’s a little difficult to understand how you were dimming before. A dimming receptacle can dim, so can a smart bulb. If you are using a smart bulb that is dimmable, then you should just configure the smart bulb and not use a Smartthings outlet. You can turn the bulb on and off and dim it by directly communicating with the bulb.

If, for example, you were using a non-smart bulb, then you would probably want to use the dimming outlet. But as you describe it, the outlet is redundant and imo, confusing the situation.