Smartthings Devices Initate Action but Nothing happens

All “was” working well up until a few weeks ago.

I will use a basic device example but recognize that none of my SmartApp routines are working at present.

Motion Sensor in Kitchen is supposed to turn on Kitchen Lights but nothing happens. Motion sensor shows motion but no lights. Physical switch work s fine and i can also turn on the light via the app.

I reviewed the Live log but means nothing to me…

I assume you are using the Smartthings Skill -

There is a long thread discussing problems with the New SmartThings Alexa skill (2020)
Smartthings developers are aware of the problem…

No I am not. Using Smarthings Hub V3

It doesn’t have anything to do with which hub - it is the SmartThings Skill used by Alexa

You’ll have to give more details about your setup - from what you’ve written, there is no clue about what is broken.

E.g., what do you have setup that is supposed to turn on your Kitchen Lights when the motion sensor detects motion? Are you using Smart Lighting, webCoRE, a V3 app Automation, something else? A screen shot of the rule that is not working would be helpful.

I am not using anything Alexa…
All are on SmartLighting
I just gave on eexample but none of my SmartApp routines are working. Motion activated lights, time activated lights, etc.

Everything was OK previously and has been working fine for many months…

Can you include a screenshot of the rest of the rule, especially the “more options” section at the bottom?

To further help debug, can you make motion in front of that sensor and then take a screen shot of the history of the Kitchen Undercabinet Light and the Motion-kitchen devices from around that time? It might be more useful to look at the events in the IDE or Classic app, because the history display in the new app is not particularly useful)

I will have to send a clean log when I get home. Below is a bit misleading as the light was ON this morning, and i manually tunred off the switch and tried the motion sensor several times.
At about 6:04:20 the log shows that the swith was ON…but it was not.

None of the SmartApps are working.
The below example is only timer based. Lights come on at 6AM. Looks like command was sent to the switch…but lights did not come on.

Your rule says “Only when mode is Home and 1 other”. What mode is your hub set to? What is the 1 other in the rule (tap on it to see)?

When you list the events, could you make a point of clicking on ‘ALL’ at the top just to make sure nothing that could be shown is being left out? In my experience not all Smart Lighting automations show with the default ‘displayed’ setting.

I just feel like the logs aren’t showing commands being sent by Smart Lighting and/or the commands being run by the device handlers, which seems a little odd.

When it comes to ‘Live Logging’, it would be interesting to know if you see activity for the Smart Lighting routines when things should be happening. They are normally quite chatty.