"Things Start Happening" Not Triggering

So I just set up my Smart Hubv2, and have been attempting to set up a few routines with the sensors I have. I added a Multipurpose Sensor to my front door, and created an automation to turn the lights on when the door opens - worked like a charm.

Next, I mounted a Motion Sensor in the hallway, and wanted it to do the same when motion was detected. So I added a new Routine, with “Turn on these lights or switches” selecting my living room lights, and “Automaticall perform [Routine Name] when…” set to Things Start Happening with my Motion Sensor selected.

But walking past the sensor does nothing. If I tap the Routine in the Automation page, it turns the light on as expected, yet when the sensor changes from “No Motion” to “Motion” - nothing happens.

Any advice? This seems like a pretty straightforward automation, but I must be missing something.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating! :disappointed_relieved:

Can you show us screenshots of the routine that isn’t working? It may be something as simple as a mode, but it would help to see what you have set up.

Also, the default time window for “when things start happening” is from six in the morning until noon. I’m not sure why that particular time window was chosen, but if you want it to be different than that, you do have to change it. A lot of people look at it and assume it’s from six in the morning until midnight, but it’s not. It’s 12 PM.


I figured out the problem!

The time window for the routine defaulted to between 6am and 12pm for some reason. I mistook 12pm for midnight and thought I was within the time window! Updated it to 12am and now it works fine.

Thanks for your quick reply, turns out I just needed to stare at the app in frustration for a little while longer, haha. :slight_smile:

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A lot of people do that, I have no idea why they set the default to that. I don’t think it’s set that way anywhere else in SmartThings, either. But it is what it is. :sunglasses:

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