SmartThings Dashboard video demo + source

(Im Brian) #1

I’ve been working on a system to integrate a number of systems and devices. I use it to control my TV, PS3, Roku, Foscam, stereo, XBMC and integrate with a number of APIs including SmartThings, Pushover, Twilio, Weather and Stock info.

It also has a native’ish web-app, desktop notifications, updates immediately via WebSockets (with a fall-back for polling via XHR), text-to-speech, internationalization, supports screen readers, uses “responsive design” to look good from desktop to mobile and has an abstracted REST API you can fire requests to (from Tasker, for example).

I primarily use it for the SmartThings integration and thought I’d share for any that are interested.

Video demo:
Static version to see what it looks like:
Git repo with README that has details about supported devices and services:
And this is the Smart App for SmartThings integration:

(Edward Pope) #2

Very cool, I will have to look at it more to see if I can integrate it into my system. I am disabled, so HA projects like this are not just cool, but make things available to me. Thank you so much for sharing

(Im Brian) #3

I think accessibility is a huge part of HA that is often ignored. I’m happy to help you as much as I’m able - in the hopes that it could help others.

(Eric R) #4

I’ve gotten it working. I am not understanding what the “power” array in the config file is for. What do those numbers mean?

(Im Brian) #5

The “power” array is wattage usage. It’s not implemented in any way, but wanted to make those values available as I start adding that feature.

The end goal is to give you power consumption data - letting you have a better idea of where you can save money with upgrading hardware. I also hope to add in tracking for usage of other devices, so it can (eventually) tell you that you’ve been watching X more hours of TV compared to last week, for example.

(Eric R) #6

I really like what you have done! Have you thought about putting thermostat controls in this system as well?

(Im Brian) #7

Via SmartThings - I have not. I’ve had unreliable support for my Nest via ST, so ended up writing native support for it. I may add support for ST control of Thermostats in the future.