SmartThings Dashboard video demo + source

I’ve been working on a system to integrate a number of systems and devices. I use it to control my TV, PS3, Roku, Foscam, stereo, XBMC and integrate with a number of APIs including SmartThings, Pushover, Twilio, Weather and Stock info.

It also has a native’ish web-app, desktop notifications, updates immediately via WebSockets (with a fall-back for polling via XHR), text-to-speech, internationalization, supports screen readers, uses “responsive design” to look good from desktop to mobile and has an abstracted REST API you can fire requests to (from Tasker, for example).

I primarily use it for the SmartThings integration and thought I’d share for any that are interested.

Video demo:
Static version to see what it looks like:
Git repo with README that has details about supported devices and services:
And this is the Smart App for SmartThings integration:


Very cool, I will have to look at it more to see if I can integrate it into my system. I am disabled, so HA projects like this are not just cool, but make things available to me. Thank you so much for sharing

I think accessibility is a huge part of HA that is often ignored. I’m happy to help you as much as I’m able - in the hopes that it could help others.

I’ve gotten it working. I am not understanding what the “power” array in the config file is for. What do those numbers mean?

The “power” array is wattage usage. It’s not implemented in any way, but wanted to make those values available as I start adding that feature.

The end goal is to give you power consumption data - letting you have a better idea of where you can save money with upgrading hardware. I also hope to add in tracking for usage of other devices, so it can (eventually) tell you that you’ve been watching X more hours of TV compared to last week, for example.

I really like what you have done! Have you thought about putting thermostat controls in this system as well?

Via SmartThings - I have not. I’ve had unreliable support for my Nest via ST, so ended up writing native support for it. I may add support for ST control of Thermostats in the future.