SmartThings / D-Link Success Story


So, I have been very critical of SmartThings lately. (For good reason, IMO.) However, this morning, SmartThings and my D-Link security cameras worked as intended. A suspicious guy approached my front door at 2am, holding what appeared to be a crow bar. As soon as my motion sensor turned on my front porch light, he looked right at my security camera and took off. This is exactly what I wanted to achieve. I have a couple more layers of security if he had continued but, I use SmartThings primarily as a deterrent to automate my lights and send motion alerts to my phone at night. I am very glad the system worked and even more tempted to buy a V2 hub because my internet went down the two previous nights.

(Ash ( / Ashutosh Jaiswal) #2

I guess you were able to capture the video… may be you should post it if you think its ok… a lot of folks will find that motivating

(April Wong) #3

Hey Allison,

Wow. That’s amazing. Do you have footage of that? :slight_smile:


I have about a 4-second clip. I haven’t downloaded it from the camera, yet. I’ll try to post it tonight.


I can upload the stills, though. Here he is when the light turns on.


Here he is changing his plans.

(Marc) #7

I would post them on FB (if you have an account) and tell people to “Share”. We caught teenagers doing a “ring” and “run” with our security cameras in the summer. My wife confronted the kids (she recognized them from the neighborhood) and they denied it until my wife showed them the video!. Crowdsourcing is far more effective than what the authorities can do which is look in their database :smile: But you should do both…


I did upload them but, I didn’t make them public. I also sent them to the radio station I work part-time for and our sister TV station.

(Marc) #9

Nice! Obviously making them public really increases your chances of catching him. I am amazed at anyone who doesn’t have security cameras these days(for people who can afford it). It’s the best alarm system you can have. I got an 8 Lorex 1080p system with a DVR from Coscto for $499. It’s obviously not integrated with ST, but that’s ok. Money well spent.

(Eliot) #10

This is really awesome! Just wanted to let you know that we just published your story on our blog. Thanks again for sharing this, Allison!


Cool. Do I get a discount on a V2 hub? :grinning:

One technicality: I’m using an Enerwave motion sensor on the porch since I can’t adjust the sensitivity on the ST units.

(Bobby) #12

You should get a security package for free and a paid Scout subscription for a year, only for this:

Check out @smartthings’s Tweet:


Whats wrong with Ring & Run. Did that as a kid MANY times! They will, like us (me) get bored very soon & find something more interesting… :smile:


I am just now setting up a system and still have not determined which cameras to get. I was looking at the D-Link. Which cameras do you have? Recommend? D-Link or otherwise. Thanks.


Ding Dong Ditch is what we called it.

What else were we supposed to do when we were finally old enough to stay out past sunset, but too young to drive and did not have video games???

Actually, I think it’s great those kids are one, outside, and two, running! LOL

(David) #16

@peter132 I have DCS-2330L and DCS-5222LB, the 2330 is the outdoor one and works great and the 5222 is the indoor camera and also works great. I only have the 2330 recording at my front Door.

(Peter Major) #17

Wow that is an amazing photo.

I’ve been waiting to put a camera in but I’d like something like a Kuna. Unfortunately they don’t have an international model.

I have a light outside, but I’m not sure how to power the camera. And I don’t really want a battery powered camera.

Just a question for you… How high up is your camera?


I’m using D-Link DCS-2330L cameras and I have this one mounted in the top corner above my front door. Running power to the cameras is/was the most difficult part. I ended up just drilling a hole through the wall. I plan to re-route the power cord to the garage but haven’t done so yet.

(Joel W) #19

Could you please post info on getting the D-Link camera to work with version 1 hub ?

(William S.) #20

I think the security camera and ST are completely separate in this case but work together to capture the entire scene.

The motion sensor triggered the light though ST but D-Link should be recording / detecting motion separately.