Smart Thing Core SDKs for Java applications

I found that SmartThings platform provides The SmartThings Core SDK which is a wrapper designed to simplify the use of the SmartThings API when the API is called from JavaScript or TypeScript applications. I’m wondering if it provides an SDK for Java too? or if we have the similar one?

There was a Java SDK but it is no longer maintained and use for new projects is deprecated.

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@orangebucket is right about the deprecation, thank you for that Graham!

The SDK is just a helper to interact with the API but you can make the requests directly to it using your Personal Access Token.
Here’s the API reference:

I believe the only one that is included in the endpoints of the SDK but missing in the API are:

  1. History, which can be reached in:
  1. Notification. This is used by the SmartApp SDK but is a work in progress. There’s not an endpoint available for that in the API.
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Thank you. Perhaps I should use the API instead.

Thank you for your info!

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