SmartThings controller status not updated when I press a physical button

I’ve had the following issue for 18 months and would love to get it solved.

I have an in-wall Z-wave switch (ZHC-5010). It is a 4 button device but I only use button one which also turns the relay on / off. I can press the switch (btn1) manually, and / or control via my app.

I’ve added a lighting SmartApp so that when I turn on the main switch, then it also turns on two additional lamps in my living room. I’ve used both “The Big Light”, “The Big Turn On” and now also “Smart Lighting”.

The problem on all of them is the same:

When I activate the main switch via the App then everything works as expected and the two lamps turn on within seconds.

However, when I activate the main switch by pressing it on the wall, then there is up to a 30 minute delay before the two additional lamps turn on.

I’ve noticed that the “checkInterval” attribute on my Zwave switch is 30 minutes, I’d guess there’s a correlation.

If I physically press the button while looking at my app, then nothing changes until I hit refresh. When I hit refresh the status is updated and then the smartApp is properly executed.

I’ve tried many different device handlers. They all have the same problem.

I’ve also tried code written for the ZHC5010 by @Darvin (darvinsden). I’ve had a bit of luck with it, namely if I make it react to a button press rather than a “switch press” then it trigger (but now the lights are always out of sync so when I turn on the main light, then the two other lights turn off. I can’t reverse that) Davin’s cdoe does in fact show “button 1 pressed” as a label in the app pretty much as soon as I press the switch on the wall. So there’s definitely a signal going back to the controller. But that piece of code doesn’t allow me to actually use the ZHC5010 as a regular switch. That code is here

Help :o)

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