Are Samsung TV's just garbage on Smartthings?

We have about 6 Samsung TVs across multiple homes. The wireless is great. In all locations there is strong signal and capacity. The TVs connect just fine to the wireless. They add into Smartthings just fine. However, at some point after being ‘powered down’ they are unable to be controlled. Turning them back on does not reconnect to Smartthings even though normally the TV has reconnected to wireless. This can’t just be me. Are other people out there actually successful with these?

I’ve been wanting to do an automation that shuts off TVs in rooms at a certain time and it just isn’t reliable so I have given up,.

I just got to samsung tvs & havent had that issue. I have nursing in my home fir my daughter & one of the automations is turning the tv on after a few minutes once they enter.

Have you updated the firmware? I had the same issue, until I updated to newer firmware. Also check Samsung’s support pages for the TV model, if the firmware that can be downloaded from there is newer than what your TV finds, follow the steps and install it on the TV that you are having troubles with.

I don’t have Samsung TVs, but a few general concepts that might assist:

  1. If the TVs have a “standby-off” mode, use that instead of a hard off.

  2. Find out whether the TVs are capable of WOL (Wake On Lan) functionality.

  3. Either hard-code the IP addresses of the TVs, or reserve addresses for them on your router(s).

The TVs all have the WOL function and mobile control turned on. I believe the power off button is standby by default.

I am going to see if the firmware is more recent on the website. Thanks!

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I am also hard coding the IP addresses. I did note that this brought a TV back to life. Will see if this holds and if it does, I’ll try it with the rest.

Make sure you take any hard-coded addresses out of the assignable ranges in DHCP.

My Samsung q led qna800 series tv kept going offline on smart things. They (Samsung support)told me to try switching from Ethernet connection to WiFi. I thought that obviously would be worse but counterintuitively it’s better. I’d rather have the tv connected via Ethernet for streaming though, but it’s ok so far

I had the same issue with a Sony Bravia. One would imagine the Cat6 connection would be better… bit it ain’t so.

So I’ve tried everything and just given up. It’s just garbage. Mine are all on wireless (like every other IoT device so that isn’t an excuse). I have nearly 70 connected IoT devices with none else having issues. I did a static IP assignment and that HAS appeared to fix the ‘offline’ issue I have experienced. However, powering the TVs on and off is not dependable. And if you actually power them off, the updated status isn’t quick enough for the dashboard. I’m just going to move on from any automation with these.

Thats what I have done! Save yourself a lot of aggrivation and get a Firestick for the TV and use Alexa to automate it.

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