Smartthings compatibility Belgium

I bought a Smartthings hub and some other parts (Siren, window sensor, Blink camera’s), but when I install the Smartthings application on my Android, I can only choose US, UK or Canada.
Does anybody know I can use Smartthings in Belgium? I don’t think it’s restricted right?

That’s only for activation purpose (where you get the hub from). You can use it in any where you like :slight_smile:

Okido :slight_smile:
Thanks for the info!
I’m really enthousiast using the Smartthings hub :slight_smile: Can’t wait to open the package this evening!

Were you able to get everything working? Challenges? I have a pretty extensive network of things in the USA and will move to Belgium in fall. Wondering what I can take with me, what will work with just a plug adapter, and what will need to be sold. Thanks!

Its no problem, only if you bought the hub in the US they use different radio freq for z-wave then in europe.
So you need to buy your z-wave things from the US.