SmartThings Cloud is Down

haha, I was in the middle of debugging the orbit timer device handler which doesn’t work correctly for me. I thought I did it :slight_smile:

The app is telling me that my hub is back online, but if I try to do anything with my app, it gives me the red error bar.

Whew! March was so long ago… I’ve really missed posts like this…


So, everyone that can’t seem to shut of a siren…

Just a friendly reminder…

If it doesn’t plug in the wall, it runs on batteries…

Just saying…


Now the app is crashing upon launch.

Maybe we should start a “Tales of Fails” thread to document how bad things can be when you rely too much on this stuff… :slight_smile:

My experience wasn’t so bad, but it’s primarily because I haven’t relegated ST to anything “serious” after the problems we’ve had through the years.

I have 3 Linear openers on my garage doors, and there’s no keypad outside. The only way to open the doors is through the remotes, which are in the cars. I was outdoors and had to put something in the garage and couldn’t figure out why my magical Google Voice → AutoVoice → Tasker → SharpTools → SmartThings command wasn’t opening the garage doors, then I ran into the problems when I opened the app.

I had to go through the front door like some kind of sucka and open the garage from the inside. :slight_smile:

Lucky for me the Schlage stuff that I have works regardless of whether ST is down or not, so I can actually go outdoors without my keys and not have to worry about getting locked out.


same issue here! I hope it’s not related to the fix pushed out today for the Philips Hue White Ambiance bub discovery…(discussed here: New Philips Hue White Ambiance Bulbs?)

I hope this thing is up before I get home…I don’t want to have to use the backup opening automation on my door… I hate touching that for door knob!

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I understand you guys are busy, but can’t you guys provide at least a sentence or two to update us on what’s going on? I’m not even so much upset about the service being down as the lack of transparency here.

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That’s not entirely fair. ST has demonstrated great redundancy. If they can’t bring down your system with their selection of terrible technologies such as NoSQL databases (essentially a key-value pair, what in the 1970s we called a “file system”), they can bring it down with a buggy mobile app update. If that doesn’t work, they can lose all the triggers for your events. And, if your system survives that, they hit it with their own approach to a Denial-of-Service, done in this case by downing the service.

If that’s not redundancy, I don’t know what is!


Maybe we should move to the UK - their site seems to be up and operational.

No problem with push messages on the alarm going off. :scream:

Thought it was weird that my blinds controlled by Smartthings closed as normal just now before sunset despite the cloud issues :slight_smile: I have a v1 too…

I noticed this started when my hub abruptly went inactive then active around 3:40 PM (CDT) I haven’t been able to connect using the mobile app ever since. I keep getting unexpected errors; I unplugged my hub and replugged it to see if that would make a difference but it hasn’t. Glad I’m not alone, hope they fix this soon.

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Yesterday it didn’t detect that I was home and the sirens went off. Now I can’t open my door or they’ll all go off again. This has to stop. I can’t have a home security system that can’t be controlled.

I understand that it’s not possible to have 100% uptime on a cloud service. There needs to be a local-only control method to disable the alarm once it has been triggered (a code or switch pattern or something…)

I have a traditional alarm system as well, so I guess it’s time to disable the SmartThings alarm again until they get their act together.

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Up for me now.

I find that it goes up and down at random intervals. sometimes I can see my devices, other times, I get app crashes or the red ribbon telling me an unexpected error occurred.

They need to move more functions local…


I think I made the right decision not using a stock Siren DTH. Just hope I can disarm fast enough when ST comes back online.

What do you expect / need them to say???

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IDE is down for me though still. Status page accurate.