"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)"

Ah, OK. I don’t think they make the Smartthings mobile app code available. The new ST app seems short on outbound notification capability - no push to email, no SMS apparently.

My sense is that ST is becoming more of a closed system unfortunately.

The change I mentioned is not part of the Smartthings app installed on your phone but the Smart app that you setup to run in Smartthings.

I am not sure I would say closed, but more light weight. It puts more ownership on the owner of the smartapp to provide services. I have been looking at migrating my app to the new API’s one of the hurdles I have is notifications as well. Right now it looks like the correct action would be to use a service to provide my messages via SMS with a sms gateway service or wot SMS through Email. Either way since I would basically have to run my own cloud to run my app on the responsiblity is on me to figure it out for my service.

I don’t like the change as I think it creates a big entry point problem for services, but after researching the cost to provide sms messages I get it.

So I have been running classic app, and when I was troubleshooting an issue with ST support, they had me install the new app (I was a little reluctant to).

But when I ran it, it insisted on assigning all my devices to a room. It offered to automatically assign to some room, or let me manually assign (all 85 devices!).

There was no option to skip, so I stopped using it and uninstalled it.

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You could have just created a room called “unassigned” and let it put all the devices there.


Yeah, I really don’t mind the forced room assignment.

One big difference is the classic app’s security hasn’t been compromised…


the new app is terrible and none of my devices show up, it’s like starting from a blank slate… I read that there is supposed to be a “migration” tool?

Either way the UI and controls feel very limited, I’ll be really annoyed if we’re forced to switch anytime soon.

No migration tool. :disappointed_relieved:

However, if all your devices have disappeared, it’s likely a location issue. See the following FAQ:

FAQ: Common issues encountered migrating from a SmartThings to Samsung account (or: "Help! My hub/devices have disappeared!")


I agree but just hold on, it’s going to get better :wink:

This is coming from a diehard classic user…

It would be great if they just kept the same rooms you use in the classic app for parity sake. And, it would be better if it did not move them in the classic app to the default room as it did to me when I did not realize the two were linked. I had to go back and fix ALOT of the items in the classic app.

My rooms match between the two apps. New app requires devices to be in a room, though.


I have to say, it does seem to be coming along. Just the other day the new app seemed to force itself to be defaulted to On on my Galaxy 9 phone so I gave it a look and was surprised to see that it saw all my devices, etc. Not sure Webcore can do much with it yet, but that’s another matter.


So let me get this strait, the new smartthings app doesn’t support all the old stuff that the classic app supports? also, the apps are supposed to sync? my skybell is pissing me off because the automation i setup with IFTTT stopped working with this last update. i tried the new app but it basically screws up the old app with the skybell. anyone have any experience with this? is the skybell no longer supported in the new APP?

I can’t speak to the specifics of the skybell integration, hopefully someone else will know.

The two apps do not sync with each other in anyway, but they do both use the same cloud account. So some things will carryover and some things won’t.

There’s a list of specific differences in the following FAQ:


The new app is and has been terrible for over a year. I new that this would happen when samsung acquired smarthings and i’m deeply invested in this platform.

Using my galaxy note 9, I now have 2 apps, with duplicate notifications and all sorts of problems. Should I / can i disable / remove the crappy new app?

If you have any devices that it can handle that the Classic App doesn’t (probably NOT true) - or if you just don’t want to play with it in anticipation of it eventually becoming the only option, you can certainly delete the app until later in its development. OR until you eventually have no choice… You could also not use it without deleting it (what I’ve done), so I can watch its development “progress”…


I have both installed. I use the new app for two devices. I also have notifications turned off in the new app. I use the old app 99% of the time.


Mine don’t always match. I ALWAYS add devices to a room as soon as I add them to ST. If I open the new app later (as I sometimes have to because that’s what my phone uses for bluetooth control) I am told those new devices need to be added to a room.

I have force closed to get out and verified they are actually in the rooms I put them in when i created them in the classic app… and they were. So, go back into the new app, and BAM, same message. So, I go and put them in the room worth the same name as the one I used in the classic app.

Just an annoyance factor that’s not needed.

Odd. Are you Andoid or iOS? Do you add them in Classic app the first time? I add mine in Classic and they are always reflected in the new app.

Android, and I always use just the classic app for anything home related and as i already said… I add them to rooms immediately. I only go into the new app for my bluetooth settings, but I always get stopped if I have added new items because I always have to add them to the same rooms they are already showing in the classic app… but now I’m kinda repeating what I said in my last post

Edit… prime example here. I re-added a lock to my outer garage door. Lock is named garage kevo. It’s in the classic app and in the garage room. But, when I open the new app, it tells me I have to add it to a room and won’t let me move forward until I do…
Screenshots attached