"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)"

Does anyone know if the new smart app will have any improvements to the user security of SmartThings? Currently all family members have the same permissions - adding/deleting devices, receiving notifications, etc. I have been hoping that eventually they’d update this so that the account holder is the administrator and can grant/deny access to others for adding/deleting “things”, receiving certain notifications, etc. I hope this got into their new app.


I downloaded the ST Classic app and noticed Samsung Connect had also been updated to SmartThings so updated that too - i’d installed Samsung Connect before and although it showed all my devices, most were “Checking status…”.

But, one visit to the Automations tab on this new version and all my Smart Lighting has now disappeared. Gone, no trace of it on either app.

I’m relatively new to ST but if this is the experience, then I won’t be here long. I’ve been monitoring the Hubitat thread and was planning on waiting to see how things progressed (the local processing is a bug plus for me), but if Samsung can just delete things I’ve spent a couple of months setting up, with no user-enabled way to backup or restore, then I need to find another solution.

Not happy.


Everyone please read emails and release notes and not guess what is going on

We’re delighted to announce that a NEW SmartThings app is coming.

The SmartThings app you’ve been using has been renamed “SmartThings Classic” in the app store.

For now you don’t need to do anything, please continue to use this app as usual.

We’ll notify you as soon as the NEW SmartThings app is ready to transition with next steps.


OK I didn’t have Samsung Connect, and so far everything seems to be functional. All my smart-apps are still showing.

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Since using the updated Samsung Connect (now Smartthings) app I also now have two Presence Sensors for my iPhone in the Smartthings (now Smartthings Classic) app.

My recommendation - don’t touch the new one until ST do some proper co-existence testing.


Here’s what I’ve noticed so far in the new SmartThings app vs Samsung Connect

  1. it created another mobile presence device as @Paralytic said. i’m going to keep it to see if its any better than SmartThings classis
  2. You can change the mode manually
  3. Most installed smartapps now show up under the Automations tab and you can turn the whole app on/off. I’m missing my current SHM setup and Smart Locks.
  4. Some of the marketplace smart apps got ported over, but not all of them. they show up when you go to add an automation.

Otherwise its the same as Connect, including some of my devices missing, custom device handlers not working and being really slow. I reached out to support for the missing devices.

So it seems to be more of a problem with Samsung Connect than SmartThings. I guess I will find out if there is any problems with my SmartThings regular account soon enough.

Installed Samsung connect app and it shows no hub, no devices, nothing. Smartthings Classic app, working okay

Unless you have a Samsung Account as your login, nothing will show up in the new app. So:

But I will say, it would have been a better idea to do the account migrations first.


Interestingly, this appears to be tied in with the Samsung Galaxy S9, as Smartthings comes preinstalled on the phone. It also appears to be more of rolling in the other Samsung ecosystems.

I’m curious, like most, of the new look and functionality. As a developer, I’m very interested in changes to the platform for custom devices.

This article talks about the release:
Business Korea

There are some interesting pages about casting UI to your smart television.

Why would they release an app to the app store if it’s not ready to be used? It can easily be tagged as “pre release” or “beta” but they chose to fully release it and then just sent an email to users telling them not to use it. Seems odd… I didnt even have to install the new connect app on my s6 it automatically updated itself, so I’m not supposed to use an app that came pre-installed on my phone?


yeah, it is weird timing. I’m guessing the account migration was harder then they thought and its taking longer to fix than anticipated. There were problems during the Beta and I don’t think I ever saw a point where they were all worked out.

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Sorry. Thought the sarcasm was obvious on this one.

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Or… as the email and app descriptions say … Until you are directed to switch …


This will get lost in this thread but there are oddities left over from the previous connect app

If you add a device in smartthings and it joins using its detected device name ie. THING or SWITCH any name applies, you then change its name to something you prefer the connect app simply adds the original device name as a device plus the new new name you changed the device too, so you end up with a single device with more than one name
Dangerously if you delete the old name you didnt want in the connect app it deletes from smartthings the app you renamed. You may think your just clearing up and deleting legacy names when infact your deleting wanted devices. add insult to injury everything associated gets broken as well

I just spent 2 hours trying to remember all my lighting configurations as legacy name deletion in connect fooked up smartthings devices

Not a new issue as the old connect app was no better but i really thought this new version had these issues resolved

I’ve received the email.

"We’re delighted to announce that a new SmartThings app is coming.
The SmartThings app you’ve been using has been renamed “SmartThings Classic” in the app store.
For now you don’t need to do anything, please continue to use this app as usual.
We’ll notify you as soon as the new SmartThings app is ready to transition with next steps."

This is where my confusion starts.
Are people downloading this early or is it being pushed to them automatically?
Is it people with SmartThings Connect that are being auto updated?

I’m just trying to get it clear why some people are using this already when the email states do nothing.
If you have been forced into this then thats is completely out of order and also means ST are pushing out incorrect information.
Please don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just trying to figue out what is going on.


in my case I already had Samsung Connect and it was automatically updated

  1. Because not everyone gets or reads bulk emails from SmartThings: There should be an in-App notification, perhaps?

  2. Because new SmartThings customers will obviously install the new App rather than the “Classic” App, and that must be steadily causing a wave of confusion. Why not name the new App “New” or “Beta”?


I just tried logging into the new SmartThings app (Samsung Connect). All my devices show up as Unkown Device. Sigh. Also I have three locations for some reason.

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Uhhhh what new app? Not in the App Store…

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