"SmartThings Classic" vs "SmartThings (Samsung Connect)"

I’ve installed it, and two-thirds of my stuff didn’t work, and it messed up some of the rest. I rather quickly removed it before it spread, and not much damage was done, but it certainly wasn’t a pleasant experience. Based on what we’re told, it’s because support for… well, most of my stuff hasn’t been added yet. And that’s fine, if it’s true.

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Ya, best thing you can do is leave it uninstalled.

It shares the same IDE as your current account and changes you make in that app will affect your current app.

I have played with it because I went thru the migration, but I leave it stopped and haven’t updated it in a while.

From what we know is there are only a minority of users who have to use it such as Samsung Connect Pro users as they have to configure their router through it and others with Samsung appliances that cant be added to SmartThings Classic and a few other edge cases. :slight_smile:

When the migration comes, do that and continue with ST Classic as you have always done.

Then we all worry about the new app together when that day comes.

Staff members have stated that they won’t ditch the current app until all equivalent functionality is in place in the new app.

Thanks for contributing to this thread, @vlad . Any “informed” contribution from ST staff is always appreciated, even though we know it has disclaimers and limitations.

Thanks for confirmation of this change. Please feel welcome to PM me if we drift off of this as a “general interest” item, but…

  1. ActionTiles currently offers a “Routines” (list of all Routines) execution Tile as well as a “Routine” (single selected Routine) Tile, which are both very popular.

  2. These Routine(s) Tiles are the current critical workaround to facilitate customers being able to trigger a Scene (since there is no API available for AT to call activate a Scene directly, the customer can create a, somewhat redundant, but otherwise trivial Routine which does nothing but activate a single Scene).

  3. The above 2 items work perfectly for SmartThings / ActionTiles Customers who use SmartThings Classic App.

  4. Brand new SmartThings Customers (i.e., as of March 2018), are instructed to not use the SmartThings Classic App, and thus have no way of creating classic Routines. Meanwhile, the “DIY Rules” and Scenes that can be created in OneApp are completely inaccessible to ActionTiles due to a lack of a relevant published API. Perhaps there is a workaround using virtual switches or some other trigger, but, heck, we’re already layering on workaround upon workaround. Obviously, this Feature loss is confusing, frustrating and disappointing to new ActionTiles Customers.

Does the above sound accurate? (Particularly #4)?

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Yes - you are correct in regards to the current state of things. Part of the reason we are not further along is that we are in the process of migrating all of the existing the new app rules and Scenes (a scene is really a rule with no triggers or conditions) to our new APIs. Samsung connect used a different rule engine that did not have a public API and as part of the recent cloud work we are moving to ours. Currently it’s what powers scenes and local smart lighting on our end but once we are finished with migration of existing scenes/rules we will focus on getting the API to a place we feel comfortable enough to release publicly.

I’ll keep in contact as we work through this - I lead the team responsible for Rules and am 100% committed to releasing a publicly available Rule API. And fwiw - Im in good company @ady624 just got the install flow for local rules working in dev the other week :). We will be sure to provide a pre release version available for developers to try it out and provide feedback. Unlike the rest of the stuff - this I can speak about with authority.


If there are no Routines in the new app does that also mean there are no official widgets?


Also, with SmartThings classic we used routines to enable a lot of voice control for stuff like changing smart home monitor armed state, changing mode, unlocking locks, etc. We also use the same method with IFTTT.

Are we losing all of that with the new app?


This has never been provided in the past (well… at least as far as any development initiatives that impacted ActionTiles) … so, this is great news to hear :smiley:! Thank-you! We are waiting with bated breath.

If there is any public (consumer level) information published on this issue and/or timeline, please let me know so that I can publish this in our FAQ and pass it along to our mutual Customers (and to @Brad_ST who sometimes gets these questions in first-line Support).


Dependant on there terminology for scenes and routines it is possible to add a Scene to the phone desktop using Connect/Smartthings/OneApp

You can already execute a scene via voice so that will be supported, so is the ability to use location mode as a trigger, condition or action. Triggers, conditions and actions for security state (and local support for security state) are on my teams backlog, though I can’t provide a date commitment to when this stuff will be available for public release.

Right, this is still a ways off so I haven’t given it much thought but it is something we all agree needs to happen. Even if it ends up being informal support in the community Slack (to avoid any red tape and keep it internal to my team/managed by me) Its something that we’ve been planning on doing for a while.

All the info I could get right now is that Widgets are in the backlog. I will see if I can find someone who knows more tomorrow.
Edit: also just want to call out that in the backlog doesn’t mean that we have a commitment to work on them, just that this has been identified as a feature parity gap item.

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I suppose it’s purely a rhetorical question, but I must express it:

Why are new SmartThings customers being directed to use “OneApp” (gawd forbid I even use that name with one of our customers :roll_eyes:) the new SmartThings App, when it is missing compatibility with all or part of many valuable Community & official certified 3rd party integrations?

As a long time Community member, I can personally say that I would have been so much happier if OneApp had been called SmartThings OneApp Beta, and only recommended to adventurous customers (even if new Customers).

Plenty of “new Customers” visit this Community and other resources (like Facebook groups, other product forums…) and the history of “SmartThings mobile App” references are now quite ambiguous, confusing, and even, misleading.

No need to answer. I think the consensus here is that use of the modifier “Classic” has seldom been a part of a smooth product transition. It should have been a warning bell in the relevant brainstorming meeting. :cry:

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Why are new SmartThings customers being directed to use “OneApp” …

Unless something has changed, the new app is required for anyone who has a Samsung smart television (The classic app integration broke last November and as far as I know was never fixed) or who has the Samsung Connect Home WiFi router (there’s never been a way to set up the Wi-Fi router using the classic app) and most Samsung smart appliances will work better with OneApp than with Classic.

So that’s three groups of customers, all of whom bought Samsung hardware which is much more expensive than the ST hub, who need to use the new app.

The new app also comes preinstalled on the newest Samsung galaxy. So that’s a fourth group.

What about a smart watch?

I’m sure you already know this, but both widgets and full featured voice integration are important for accessibility. Losing those would be a big step backward for those of us in that group. :disappointed_relieved: It would also mean losing some echo, google home, and IFTTT features which are available with Classic.


Does this mean you can use voice with Alexa or Google Home to change the mode with the new app? Because you can with classic, but you have to do it via a routine.


JD is more or less right - can’t really think of SmartThings (the brand) like we existed a year ago (More or less decoupled from Samsung). SmartThings is the branding that all Samsung connected devices use. I’m pretty sure its the bluetooth device manager now too for Samsung phones. The drivers to push for a fast release/rebranding had to do with everything except existing users.


EDIT: This looks like the new thread on the non-beta user ST->SS account migration.

My apologizes in advance if this has already been answered, but I received an email today with the words…“We are updating to Samsung Account!” prompting me to surrender my working after months of Z-Wave issues login for a new “if it ain’t broke, then let’s break it” Samsung login.

Skimming the 400+ replies here, it seems like the ST–>Samsung account migration in and of itself is safe and the classic app still works 100% the same way it did before the account migration? True? Or did they jack that up too like the launch of the new app, which now seems to gyrate and change names weekly…

What happens if you just simply IGNORE the migration email? I’m of the mindset with ST/Samsucks "If it ain’t broke, there is no need to trust a more-than-likely half-baked rushed gotta hit a date " request like this until you absolutely need to.

Update your SmartThings Login

Here’s what you need to know.
We are updating to Samsung Account! This is an initial step in our journey to prepare you for the new SmartThings app, designed to bring you access to Samsung devices and services in addition to the hundreds of Works with SmartThings products you already use and love.

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EDIT: This looks like the new thread on the non-beta user ST->SS account migration.

I can assure you, I am not a beta tester, unless you count the normal everyday use of ST, which feels like beta testing at times. :slight_smile:

That said, perhaps there is a first round of migrations, or and perhaps they are picking folks with a ton of devices >40, like myself to see how bad they can mess things up.

The email I received in it’s entirety below…

From: SmartThings noreply=smartthings.com@mail63.suw13.rsgsv.net On Behalf Of SmartThings
Sent: Monday, April 2, 2018 12:06 PM PT