SmartThings Classic App Vs SmartThings App

I am having difficulty trying to figure out why one Smarthings app does not seem to be all encompassing. I find myself using both apps for different performances. truthfully, i find myself using the classic app much more than theother, and i was wondering if i should be consolidating the apps and deleting one of them, or if im missing the bigger picture between the two of them. does anyone have any insight on this. I use ST app very rarely compared to the classic app.

SmartThings has announced that the Classic app will eventually be phased out but they have not set a date for when that will happen. The new SmartThings app is not currently a “finished” product and is being updated all the time.


Being at the unwanted Smartthings user end of the scale, the Smartthings app deciding that my phone is undesirable I haven’t got a clue about the new app

\ami correct i thinking then that the classic app, which has been my assumption, is fully functional, while the new app seems kind of pointless to me at this given point in time?

I am not sure I would use the term pointless. It does lack parts of the Classic app that some users like. But they have made great strides in the past three months. I have seen some users say the new app in its current state has 90% of the functionality of the Classic app.

But overall, you can do “most” things in the new app that you can do in the Classic. Some features are completely different -> routines and automations for example. Devices using custom device handlers may be different in the new app.

I recommend trying the new app to get use to it. Perhaps move some automations to it. That way, you will not be in a bind when and if they shut down the Classic app.

Has anybody figured out a way to trigger recordings with a Arlo Using the new app?

hmm, good idea.

I’m one of those users that has moved to the new app from Classic. I can say for certain that while I can use the new app pretty much 100% of the time, I still find it slower than Classic; so much so that I find myself using Classic again.

I find that it is not as reliable for mobile presence on my daughter’s iPhone, it’s slow (I have a lot of devices though), and a device’s status in the dashboard tile view doesn’t match what the device shows when looking at the tile in a Room view, or the device’s page itself. Sometimes force closing the app resolves this, but it’s still not acceptable in my opinion.

There are several discussions in the Community regarding differences, including opinions :wink: Like @jkp said, give it a try.

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Hi, I new in the community. I join because this exact issue that the classic eventualy will be gone. Any were discussed what is the situation on the code MANAGMENT for locks, I have my family and guest different code easy to change and or remove using t(e classic I have no idea how to migrate to t(e new ssumsung version. I use it but I unable to find where to manage the codes on my lock.
Sorry if asking the wrong person but if you guide me in the right direction I will be greatly appreciated.

The first question is what country are you in? I believe ST has only made their new Smart Lock Guest Access app available to users in the US at this point. I have seen they are working to open it to all countries but I don’t know the timeline for when that will happen.

Here is the support page for Smart Lock Guest Access. It will provide details on installing the app and managing locks.

There is a commercial app you can investigate from @rboy for lock management.


You can check out these apps (depending on your needs). They work with the New and the Classic ST app:

If you’re looking at a rental property then this may be a more suited app for you with direct integrations with various booking providers:

If you’re living in the UK and using RFID locks then you may want to check out this app which is designed for RFID zwave/zigbee locks.

In the Classic app, when I open a devices properties, there is a ‘SmarApps’ tab. In this tab it showed me what the SmartThings IDE website shows me for ‘in use by’ for the same device. The new SmartThings app does not show this information about the device anywhere that I can see.

Furthermore, since SmartThings staff seem to advising to utilize ‘Scenes’ in the new app now in conjunction with Automations and SmartApps, then we really need to see all of the Scenes that a device is being used in too.

The primary reason all this information is needed for each device is that it would make things much easier to replace the device when it fails. Take for instance a smartbulb, it could be in various Smart Lighting app routines, in various Automation routines, in various Scenes, and in the STHM. Not knowing everywhere in SmartThings where the device is being used makes the device extremely difficult to replace one for one when it fails.

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Thank you. I am in USA, and finally I was able to install the app (I was looking on the App Store Vs on the smartthings app itself). Also I got an answer that there are problem and the app only can create codes not change, delete, etc… and I was able to verify it.

I have the same issue. This seems like a major degradation in functionality.

Anyone having issues with migration? None of my automations and none of my Routines have migrated over and calling SmartThing tech support is unbelievably useless. I was told that since automations aren’t input the same way, that most of your old automations will be incompatible with the new app. But that doesn’t make sense because some automations transferred over while most did not. Other than transferring your devices over to the new app, it seems nothing else should be expected to transfer, no Routines and no automations; this is what the tech just told me. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: