SmartThings Capabilities for Energy Monitoring

I’m integrating an IOT Cloud Connect Device in Smart Things.
I would like to output the enrgy consumption measured by my device over time, but i can’t find the right st.schema.

I tried:

  • EnergyMeter, but it only outputs a number and doesn’t have any reference to time
  • PowerMeter , it is ok and has a little bar chart icon i can press to show the power over a range of time ( I would like to do something identical but for energy (Wh) not power (W) !

I found on some older threads this picture:

Thi is exactly the widget i would like to have for my device, but i can’t find any documentation about it.
A number with the energy consumption, a colored bar and a bar chart to see the energy consumption over time.

Here is a link to the thread where i found the use of this widget:

Can you please help me to find out how to use this capabilities?

If it is not a standar capabilities, how i can make a custom capabilites whit this attributes? I’ve tried to make a custom capabilities but it doesn’t show anytyhing on the dashboard page.

For reference, the Eve Energy Matter smart plug uses these three capabilities:

  - id: powerMeter
    version: 1
  - id: energyMeter
    version: 1
  - id: powerConsumptionReport
    version: 1

I already tried powerConsumptionReport, but it doesn’t display anything ( any widget at all)

Hi, @emanuele.d1994. Welcome to the SmartThings Community!

The standard capability has a special UI that allows you to see the chart and change of colors, I remember energyMeter used to have it, but I’ll check with the engineering team if this is expected or if it’s a bug.
As a side note, custom capabilities cannot be configured to show something similar.

Thank you, I hope you can find an answer to this problem or an alternative to this capability to display energy consumption in Wh as a number and in a bar chart .

I have one more question , since i’m making a custom device i made different components with different names, is there a way to rename the “main” component to “Home”?

Thank you again

@emanuele.d1994 Does it depend on where you created it, in the Developer Workspace or in the CLI? to see what solution we could give.

Hello, I created the Device Profile on the Developer Workspace .
If there are solutions for my problem it would be great.

Otherwise I could also switch to the CLI if in that way is possible to achieve the result i’m aiming for (a better energyMeter presentation combined with the possibility to change the name of the “main” component to “Home”.

Thank you all for your support , I appreciate it much!

Hello @emanuele.d1994,

Here is what you can do:

  1. Create a translation file (e.g., en.yml) with the desired labels and descriptions:

    tag: en
        label: Home
        description: Controls power to all outlets
        label: Outlet One
        description: Switchable outlet one power
        label: Outlet Two
        description: Switchable outlet two power
  2. Upload the translation file to update the device profile. Use the following command on ST CLI, replacing {profileId} with your device profile ID:

    smartthings deviceprofiles:translations:upsert {profileId} -i en.yml

This will allow you to rename the “main” component to “Home” and adjust other component labels as needed.