SmartThings Cameras not working w/all the latest changes?

I’m not sure when this happened, but all 6 of my ST cams can no longer see a live feed, but they do detect movement and/or sound. The error in the live feed says “The camera is unavailable. Tap the Refresh button”.

I removed and re-added one of the cameras, but that didn’t help. It did notice that the DTH for these has changed, so something on the backend may (probably) f’ed these up. It’s now using “placeholder” vs. the others.


@Brad_ST , tagging you for awareness because I know the BS I’ll have to go through with ST email support.

@saosinx88 are your cams working right?

I have 1 ST camera and it is working fine. Use newest android app.

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Yep, all of mine are working. I wonder what’s going on…

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None of my cameras are working under the new app. They are all online in the IDE.

I also noticed a new behavior in both a Rooms view and group view. When opening up either kind, a Live view of each camera started. Now, you just see a play icon to initiate a live view.