Arlo cameras not responding to ST commands (May 2020)

Just noticed this morning that my Arlo cameras aren’t working with ST. This happened a few weeks ago as well. I generally have them switch off when I open my kitchen door, even though within ST it says they have switched off, they haven’t. :frowning:

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Exactly the same thing happened to me this morning :thinking:

I have this problem as well. I am unable to view the camera feeds or use them in automations through the Smartthings app. They work fine when viewed in the Arlo app.

I’m experiencing same thing over here, and also I can not see the arlo live streaming at ST. It work fine in the Arlo app also.

Going to be setting up a pair of Arlo Pro 2’s with ST next week. Do you guys have them set up though the ST Home Monitor? I’ve read of a few different ways to arm/disarm them.

Any resolution? I’m having the same issue.