Smartthings camera slow and laggy

I set up a smartthings camera in my new apartment a few days ago. I have my own router broadcasting at 5ghz only with only a few devices connected to the network. The router is mounted high in the middle of the apartment with the camera about 15 feet away from it, not even.

My internet speeds consistently test at 42.5mbps download and 4.75 uplaoed and when I test wifi signal strength in the smartthings app.

However the cmaer is extremely laggy. When I view the live feed I see some motion but usually only for a fraction a second. The sound and motion detection work but a long time after the actual motion is detected.

I have a really good netgear gaming router.

Is there anything I can do to improve the live feed? It should just stream like regular video. I stream live streams off of youtube using my 5ghz band just fine with no lag. Shouldn’t this be the sane

I have a crappy old router (about to get replaced) but I only use the 2.4 range. SO far my cameras are working fine with no performance issues. I did set back some settings, like switching from FHD to HD.

The 5ghz signal is pretty weak, basically I only got 40% signal strength even within 9 feet from my router, my video so far is fine with acceptable speed in full HD

Do a speed test while while viewing the live view, and see how it is affecting your upload speed.

I noticed that initiating a live view will result in about a 2.5mbps upload that will persist for 3 minutes, even after exiting the live view. But if you create a camera group and put the camera in that group, it will offer a live view with reduced outgoing bandwidth, although essentially in a thumbnail, when opening that camera group. If the live view is good from there, it would likely be an upload bandwidth issue.