Smartthings Camera Problems

I got a couple of the Samsung Smartthings cameras at a great price. However getting them hooked up through the app was an ordeal. I had to reset each camera several times. Once I got them installed, they are offline most of the time. I use an iPhone for the app and I have an Eero mesh router. I tried to pause the 5GHz band but it didn’t work well. I am ready to sell or trash the things, but I am sure there must be a solution.

Any help would be appreciated.

Mine go offline occasionally, although I mostly stopped paying attention to them, but mine are on the 2.4GHz.

I think there had been some speculation about them overheating, and possibly disconnecting due to that, but I can’t really say. One idea was to ease the load on the processor by reducing video settings to HD and turning off HDR. Might see if that helps

Anyway, other than that, I’m curious how far from your router they are, and if locating them closer, or further away, helps or makes it worse?

Thanks for your response. I moved one of them to the room with the main router and it didn’t help.

I dont know the eero router, is it possible to split the 2 signals so you can see the 2.4 & 5Ghz seperately (on most routers you can). I have some kit that couldnt see the 2.4 channel but as soon as I split them they worked fine.

I did have to rename the 2.4Ghz on my meshed Asus routers to work well with my Ring cameras, so maybe it could help.

So it looks like the eero router doesn’t allow different names for the 2.4 and 5 networks. They claim that doing that would reduce the performance. I like my eero performance so I am not getting rid of the eero. It looks like the cameras are going to have to go.
Thanks everyone for helping me figure it out.

I can’t get a stable connection on 2.4ghz even the router is just 10 feet or so away, I switched to 5ghz and had only one issue so far so I will keep observing
I heard others have better luck in 2.4ghz

There is an option under advance settings in the eero to disable 5ghz for 5 mins to connect to a device. I Have 3 ST Cams on my eero and never have issues with connection