SmartThings C# SDK preview

I’ve put a C# SDK together based on the

It’s here: -it’s tested and largely working, though I need to update some of the markdown documentation.

This is a community SDK and not an official SmartThings one. If it’s useful, would be good to list here:

fyi: @jody.albritton jody.albritton


@Jamie_D very cool! I will talk with the team about listing your SDK

We have added capabilities to the rest API.


Thanks - I’ll add capabilities to the SDK shortly.

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Got anything to show off using your SDK?

haha - funny you should ask :wink:

Should have something out next week. Will let you know.

BTW: Using the SmartThings API - how do I return all the existing automations within the new SmartThings app? Is it possible? Since the Rules api returns only those set using the api.

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ok, here you go: - download the latest binaries from releases - and fire it up using your pat token.

Please note, this has had very limited testing on different platforms. Would appreciate if someone can report it’s working ok on a Mac :slight_smile:


Now with Capabilities:


This looks very promising. Please keep up the good work!

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