New API / platform Language Unacceptable

So I have a bunch of custom code I’ve written over the last few years. I am developing a system to manage a large number of short term rental properties (read: over 350 sites across the US).

I will NOT be migrating that code to the new API as it is defined today. Having to write code with JSON is absolutely the stupidest thing I have seen in a very long time. The program flow gets completely lost in the json syntax.

SmartThings/ Samsung- reconsider this because I am starting to look around for a different platform starting tomorrow. There are plenty of alternatives out there including some highly functional open source platforms that support much more local execution (local execution is preferable in many cases for speed, security etc. think detecting and acting on a broken water pipe when internet connectivity is poor).

So ether change this idiotic direction, or start sharing the long term vision where you will provide a developer tool that will generate this ugly syntax for us so we can write in a normal language.

Willing to sign an NDA. I’ll give SmartThings until the end of oct 2020 to respond to this post, otherwise I’m out.


SmartThings is not intended for commercial use, so this platform may not be the best solution for you anyway even if they do get things fixed.

That used to be true, but not so much now. There are several companies that presented at SDC 2019 that use it for commercial purposes (for better or for worse). Samsung is actively trying to get SmartThings used in exactly this application.

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Ahh, well I stand corrected. I always thought it was part of the terms of use that it was for non-commercial use only but honestly I’ve never fully read those so who knows what it actually says. I saw quite a few bits of news from the SDC2019 but I must have missed this particular one.

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I can agree that the new platform seems needlessly complicated, and for custom capabilities with a buggy CLI (authentication not working) and poor documentation (some commands wrong, like saying capabilities:delete id version number instead of just capabilities:delete id)

I think a lot of us feel like we’ve been foisted a warm turd.

I’d like to think there’s some grand vision here but because there is a lack of official announcements or answers to all of our questions it just seems like reinventing the wheel but making it worse in the process.

Sorry, I had to express my frustrations after spending awhile getting the cli working only to find out my preferred capability view wasn’t even supported.


Classic! :rofl:

No, Connect :sunglasses: