Smartthings & Bose Soundtouch 30 speaker


I’m noticing with Sonos speakers you can play a sound when you arrive home using a door sensor or whatever you want to use. I also saw that Bose Sounttouch 30 speaker is compatible with Smartthings and I have it synced to the hub but the sounds will not play when I use the smart app. Is this because the smart app is only for Sonos speakers? Is there an app for Bose speakers? This is a very cool concept and I’d love to be able to use my Bose speaker with my system at home. Anyone have any tips or suggestions would be appreciated.



We’re testing the SmartApp that can control the Bose speakers right now!


That’s awesome! Please keep me posted once it’s released!

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hi @robs1011, Bose SoundTouch is a Mediarenderer, maybe this develop can help you.