SmartThings Automation Network Error with Konnected

I just installed a Konnected Pro panel with two interface boards for my existing eight zones on my wired alarm system. Installation went flawlessly and linking my Konnected account into SmartThings worked perfectly. I can see all of my alarm sensors and when they are triggered like when the entry door opens, or a motion sensor gets activated, it shows in the SmartThings app instantly.

So, now I started moving on to setting up automations to lets say, send me a text message anytime the entry door is opened. No big deal, right? I start to configure the automation bu adding a routine. Then under the ‘If’ section, I choose ‘Device status’, then I choose the ‘Entry door’ device. On the next screen I choose contact sensor and choose Open, and then Save and then Save again to get back to the ‘Add Routine’ page. Then, under the ‘Then’ section, I choose ‘Notify someone’, then ‘Send a text’. I entry ‘Entry Door Opened’ in the message field and I put my cell phone number is the ‘To’ field. Then I touch ‘Save’. I’m back to the first page of the ‘Add routine’ page. Everything looks good. The ‘If’ and the ‘Then’ look good. I touch ‘Done’, entry a routine name and then ‘Ok’. But, after I hit ‘Ok’, I get a popup that says ‘Network error’. I can either ‘Retry’ or ‘Cancel’. Obviously, ‘Retry’ gives me the same results. So, the only option is to ‘Cancel’.

I have added a bunch of routines on other, non-Konnected sensors that I have hooked up to SmartThings and they all work fine. I have already went through Konnected support and they are now telling me its a SmartThings issue.

Not sure what could be causing the problem. Any insights or help would be greatly appreciated.


I opened a ticket with Samsung support. Their initial troubleshooting is to delete the SmartThings app from my phone, reinstall it, remove the device that is causing problems and then reinstall the device within SmartThings.

My first question is, if deleting the SmartThings app from my phone and reinstalling, will I still have all my devices, automations, etc? Or, will I have to reinstall EVERYTHING again.



Removing/reinstalling the app… all your devices/routines/scenes will be Okay. The only change is the organization of any Rooms/devices if you had sorted them… they will show in a random order when you reinstall the app and login.

Tagging @heythisisnate in regards to Konnected but I doubt the issue is related to Konnected but to the ST platform/app.


Thanks for the reply.

Just as an update, I deleted the SmartThings app from my iPhone and reinstalled it. All my devices and automation routines all came back. And, I can now add automation routines for my devices connected through my Konnected interface.

Thanks again!


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