Konnected Pro and Buzzer

New Installation. Konnected Alarm Pro and SmartThings.

I have routine for the front door: If door open and armed, send message and activate buzzer.
When I test the routine in edit mode, the buzzer sounds.

Once I save the routine and open the door, I get the message, but the buzzer does not sound. SmartThings shows the door opening.

Konnected support looked at the scripts but suggested that I try here.

can you post a screenshot of the Routine(s)?

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Not sure that the image is visible… but I uploaded something

Try making “Security Mode” a precondition.


I’m confused. Don’t I already have Security Mode Armed (away) as a precondition in the routine above?

No, it looks like you have it set as a trigger, not a precondition.

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that did the trick, thanks