Smartthings Automation backup?

I’ve moved a lot of my automations from Webcore to Smartthings now that I can leverage LGOG to control my Lifx lights as a single bulb.

Question: How do I backup my ST Native Automations and why can’t I see my ST Automations in the IDE?

I have a lot of devices and bulbs. It would take me hours to do this manually again if anything happens.

You can’t.

Lots of people have been asking that for a long time. Hopefully some day we’ll see that happen. Just in case you haven’t seen this yet:


Thanks @johnconstantelo! Go Pack!

Yea, I think I remember reading such things before. I was hoping to “pile on” for the feature request. It would be nice to have a feedback loop like Microsoft does that will take you to a “feedback hub” and search, create or add yourself to a feature request.