Your automations: All Webcore, or a mix?

Hello all. My ocd In me thinks that having all my automations settings are best all through webcore so they are all in one place.

Currently I seem to have some in the smart lighting app with ST, some within SmartRules app and then some within webcore.

Do you reckon it’s best to have them all within the same place or does it not really matter?



I use everything through webCoRE as well. This way I can track if something isn’t working correctly and address it through webCoRE.


I use SmartLighting as much as possible for the Local execution vs Cloud.


Only the official smart lighting feature and a few bits of Smart Home Monitor run locally. Everything else, including all Webcore Pistons, runs in the cloud.

So quite a few people do whatever they can with Smart Lighting first. But then there’s No backup. :disappointed_relieved:

Only classic app routines can be widgets, so that’s another factor, especially for those with iPhones. (Android phone users can get widgets from SharpTools.)

But it’s up to you. Different people have different priorities. Choice is good. :sunglasses:


I try to use the best of both worlds, ST and webcore. Doing so does sometimes create debugging problems. Especially if something has worked for a while and then stops working. I may have forgotten the specifics and will have to retrace my steps. But there are excellent features in both applications. So I agree, choice is good.


Yeah I forgot about local automation.

So basically it’s better to try and run as much as you can through smart lighting for this reason.
I’m terrified that I somehow delete or lose them all.
Whereas as with webcore and even SmartRules you can back them up.

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I guess it depends on where one places their desired emphasis. I use webCoRE exclusively because very few of my automations are simple enough to run in Smart Lighting. So, even though webCoRE does not run locally, I rarely find that to be an issue - and I’d rather not give up the power and flexibility that webCoRE provides. Add to that, the ability to backup pistons along with easier troubleshooting because all automations are in one tool and I have my choice.

It helps that my internet and other associated infrastructure is pretty solid AND that I don’t rely on SmartThings for any security needs. I have a separate security system that’s monitored 24/7 for those needs.

Anyway, everyone has different needs. Those are mine.


I run my basic timed/dawn to dusk lights and things through smartlighting because of local execution. My complex stuff is a combination of WebCoRE and various smartapps like EchoSpeaks, Ask Alexa, GCal Search and a few others.


I have been converting everything to webCoRE. Stopped using SHM. I have a couple left in SmartLighting but my internet is reliable so I need to convert them to piston. ST cloud has been reliable for me too.

Actually I do use the SHM and Routines but all the actions are done in webCoRE. That lets you initiate pistons from Routines/Shortcuts/ ActionTiles but all the logic and actions executed in webCoRE