Backing up Hub and configurations

I am new to ST and have just scratched the surface in my home with 15 devices and some webCoRE pistons. I have about 7 light switches on the shelf waiting to be added, but just realized I can’t backup my ST hub. I’m coming from a z stick/PC setup for a few devices and just assumed I would be able to backup my configuration. I am nervous and worried about the inevitable fail and what that experience will be like. I’m thinking about going to a different platform, mainly Homeseer due to the local processing and ability to backup. Seems like HS has everything I’m looking for, but I’m concerned about the lack of polish over there and therefore dependence on community for much more support while getting setup, things like geofencing seem complicated to setup on HS. Any experiences that can be shared after making the same realizations?

We’re all still hoping for this. Unfortunately, it isn’t available and does not appear to be a priority for SmartThings. Perhaps you’d be best advised to call SmartThings Support and indicate this is a problem for you – they log issues and doing so may possibly influence future development activities.

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for now I think the best you can do, is scrape the device definitions from IDE:

/My Devices

and save a text file for details, in case you need manual re-entry for a new hub.