SmartThings Automatically Closing On Tablet

I am using an iPad mini to run SmartThings controlling my alarm system. The lock code on the iPad secures unauthorised access to disarm. The problem is that after some time SmartThings closes down and has to be restarted in order to arm/disarm. Does anyone know how to prevent this?

are you referring to the ST app or (which in Settings can be set to - keep me signed in)?

Thanks, jkp. It’s the ST app. It doesn’t sign me out, it just goes into the background so that when I put in my lock code I’m presented with the desktop icons from which I have to select ST and wait for it to load before I can disarm

The only thing that comes to mind is uninstall/reinstall the app in the iPad mini to see if that helps any. IMO the iOS ST app has become rather bloated. It is the largest app by size on both my iPhone and iPad. On my iPad, it consumes more space for Data at times and when that occurs, I notice a greater lag in opening or the functions in the app, so I uninstall/reinstall to clear that data out and the app runs better.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll give it a try. The iPad I’m using is an old mini 2. Can you help with an issue on setting a delay timer before arming or should I raise another topic?

Probably start a new topic