Smartthings Australia (2019)

Ive been using smartthings in Australia for a few years i first started with a US hub bought many devices all imported from the US and whenever i needed help Smartthings Support was amazing i cant fault them at all they were quick and just great i could also head to this forum with a problem and most of the time i would find a answer. Now that Smartthings is available in Australia i got rid of the US hub and devices, what i have come to realize is there is basically no support for Smartthings in Australia my hub and devices are basically unusable because of a problem im having with 2 locations as i have tried all the usual stuff and it took me a few days to find someone in Australia to talk to about it and once i did they had to call me back which took a week he also spoke little to no english sounded like he was riding on top of a plane he also didnt no what shards are and he also couldnt delete any of my locations or hubs remotely as that feature isn’t available in Australia i thought buying a new hub would maybe help it hasnt so now im stuck with 2 hubs that arent working and a account i cant use. Australian smartthings is basically non existent, its for sale here and thats about it dont count on any support. Waiting on hubitat now to see how that goes, its really disappointing the state of smartthinngs here in australia