Smartthings in Australia


Hi all

So obviously, smartthings hasn’t launched in Australia but I see the amazon shop ships certain products to Australia. Is there anything stopping me getting a smartthings kit through amazon and getting it to work in Australia? Outside of Wemo there appears to be very limited options for DIY smarthome projects here in Australia…

(Paul) #2

The same question has been asked for Germany, South Korea and other countries.

SmartThings hub v1 uses an USB connector so voltage issues can be addressed.

However the Zwave frequency in Australa is different from the Z-Wave frequency for the U.S. and using the U.S. Is likely to be illegal.

In addition, Zigbee and WiFi are not certified for use in Australia.

Finally, if you are looking for Z-Wave switches for 230V which use the U.S. frequency, it may be difficult to find them (there is a recent topic about this).

(April Wong) #3

We do have a few Australian folks here at the Community. Feel free to check out @chuckles 's previous posts, as it might give you an insight of what he does. Welcome to SmartThings. :slight_smile:


See this FAQ as a start.


Yeah mate it works just fine minus the z-wave support which runs of a different frequency (I just turned that off).