Australian Smart things

(Ginger) #1

Hi guys,

it getting frustrating not having any information about when we will get our smart things. I understand the American users got theirs and you’re in the process of sending out to CE con tries but your solution of using an American hub won’t work due to the frequencies used (your own customer service people have agreed with me when i emailed them)

The last we heard was you were getting quotes for certification so I’m assuming there is a problem with one of the products as it shouldn’t take this long (thats only a guess but i work for a wholesaler in Australia that takes product from overseas to market in 6 weeks including compliance but compliance isn’t my area)

Please do another update on kick starter as it and your Facebook page are just filling up with angry people who are being ignored.

(Joel) #2

I’m curious of the schlage lock that is on their things list will be available in Australia (our z wave freq being different and all).

(Ijohnston99) #3

Any news?

(Chuckles) #4

The latest news (as of yesterday) on this front is on the Kickstarter comments page.

(Zeit Geber) #5

News LTD 23 Sep 2015
SmartThing is finally coming to Australia

Samsung will change that in the coming months, according to its Australian chief marketing officer Phil Newton, as he confirms the company will launch the “entire portfolio” of SmartThings devices in Australia


(SS) #6

Anyone know the release date for Australia ?

(Darren Bates) #7

im hanging out for this also… a friend of mine has all US parts so has to get everything from the US. , I want all Australia parts. hoping its out before my new house is finally finished in around June 2016… !!

(Adrian Pounder) #8

Any update on when it will be available in Australia?

(Matt) #9

just on Australian compatibility …

if I buy from the US, will the unit still work in Australia? (I assume so, noting change in power socket).

what is the reference to Z wave frequency - won’t z wave devices from the US work in Australia?

(Joel) #10

There’s a whole write up on this here. Search z wave Australia.

(Chris Jack) #11

Hi all,
Fellow Aussie here. I can’t wait for Smartthings to come to OZ and with that i thought i would post the feedback i got on Twitter this week regarding it.

Me: “Hi smartthings, when is samsung smartthings being released in Australia? Is there any more info for us?”

Smartthings: "We haven’t announced support for Australia yet but thanks for your interest! Follow us for more info: "

Me: “Thanks for reply. We had reports from Samsung saying it was coming late 2015. Is this now canceled? …”

Smartthings: “Very sorry but we have no new information to share at this time. Thanks for your patience and understanding!”

This is either troubling or same as usual depending how you take it. I’m hoping it’s just same as usual ie we aren’t supporting it yet but it’s coming instead of the alternative of not supporting AU.


(Andrew Badge) #12

what is the reference to Z wave frequency
Each country has a fixed frequency for communications. Some countries share.
The bottom line is US frequency is different to AUS frequency so you can’t have a mix of device and they’ll all work.

won’t z wave devices from the US work in Australia?
They’ll work if everything you buy is US frequency (and you use adapters). Although illegal as the US frequency might interfere with something like police bands. Might be difficult for some in-wall switches as you’d have to add inline transformers for power conversion (unless they support 240v).

(Andrew Badge) #13

Hi Jacky,
I got a similar reply via Twitter. Its such a tease when theypost its coming but always takes another 12 months for AUS.
Serves me right for being addicted to gadgets.

Call to Action:
Everyone post to their Twitter account “When is SmartThings coming to Australia”.
Maybe numbers will help them get the message.